Are Cheap Vlogging Cameras Any Good?

Are Cheap Vlogging Cameras any Good?

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Nowadays Vlogging industry is soaring, many experts and newbies are into this industry. Some people have started at the early stage of YouTube and this is the ultimate advantage for them. Maybe at the starting time, they all have started with the minimum possible accessories but there is an issue with the people who want to start their vlogging career at this time because vloggers can’t use cheap vlogging cameras these days.

These days people love to watch quality content and if you want to start your vlogging channel in 2019, you have to start with all the quality and other enhancing accessories. In the old days, some people have started with their smartphone cameras but now the trend has changed, people love watching footages recorded with professional cameras. The camera is the main accessory which plays an important role in quality vlogging. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss Cameras and their features that are not present in cheap cameras. 

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Features of DSLR vlogging cameras 

1. Customizable Settings

This is one of the most popular advantages of cameras over smartphones or cheap cameras. Smartphones are good at producing amazing photographs in different conditions but you are limited in terms of settings. You are not allowed to change focal length or aperture in a smartphone. In cheap cameras or in smartphone cameras all you can really control are the ISO and Shutter Speed. 

But when it comes to the biggest selling points of DSLR and other smart cameras, they have manual modes that allow you to choose everything – ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and even the focal length if you are using a zoom lens. 

2. Low light shooting 

Expensive cameras will always have the advantage over cheap vlogging cameras in low light due to the way camera sensors collect light. There are larger photosensitive sites in larger lenses, which means that they can capture more information about the incoming light even in the low amount of it. 

If you don’t trust then click yourself in low lights with a smartphone or any ordinary camera. You will notice that even with best night mode options on the newest mobile phone, you will struggle to get crystal clear shots of moving subjects. It is great if you are only taking pictures of static composition like building or parked cars. 

The camera also lets you specify the ISO value, it is required to get the desired image result which is also a big advantage of having an expensive camera. 

3. Speed

Here I am going to talk about the speed of camera operation, there are a number of factors which contribute to the speed of any camera. These factors are usually not operational in cheap camera. First of all, the speed of focusing on the subject. While taking a shot, cameras clearly need to focus first. In any condition, the professional camera which is usually expensive focus on a subject faster than any ordinary camera or smartphone. This advantage of quality cameras is even more obvious in low light conditions. 

There is a frame rate. Frame rate is defined as the number of frames a camera can take in a second. Quality cameras are usually good at taking a sequence of photos of a moving object. Also at the time of capturing the moving subjects, these cameras are able to focus on the objects too. 

Another element in the speed of a camera is the wake-up time. It means the time taken by a camera to switch on. With the modern high-quality cameras, especially more recent Canons and Nikons, as soon as you turn the switch, it’s on. No more time in further things, you can directly take the shots, in an instant. 

Another note on the speed of operation is the time taken in zooming. When a compact camera zooms the motor whirring takes place and lens slowly extends. But in the digital SLR cameras, no motor work is required. You are allowed to zoom the lens by turning the barrel costly cameras. This endows you an instant zoom. 

Now, you can understand that the speed of operation is a clear advantage of costly cameras over ordinary cameras or cheap cameras. 

4. Flexibility

Here flexibility means that how easy it is to handle the camera in a range off situations. With modern quality cameras, you have the choice of hundreds of digital lenses and a vast range of flash options. Now, you are thinking that what’s the need to care about the lenses? But the quality of lenses in ordinary cameras is poor in relation to the lenses available in Expensive cameras. Also, there is no comparison between high-end cameras when it comes to aperture. 


As we have already discussed the advantages of high-end cameras over ordinary or smartphone cameras, we got that there are many factors which are missing in ordinary cameras. So, it is more obvious to pay attention to the quality of the camera before you purchase it for vlogging or any other career.

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