How COVID-19 Causes Hair Loss

How COVID-19 Causes Hair Loss

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Health 3 min. read

A rise in COVID-related hair losses has been noted by dermatologists. Severe hair loss is one of many unanticipated consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic.

What is The Root Cause? STRESS

According to the Best hair transplant doctor in Delhi, Telogen effluvium refers to the type of hair loss that is associated with Covid-19. It’s a condition that occurs when the body is under a lot of mental and physical stress.

The turbulence from the epidemic is what activates it. If you have a Covid-19 virus, it is possible that you took a double dose of TE. This could be because TE can also be caused by sickness or physical stress.

According to Best Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi, hair regeneration may be affected by the ongoing epidemic and an increase in telogen effluvium. Stress can lead to hair loss. This is why you should consult a dermatologist if you feel anxious or stressed about your hair.

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Covid-19: Stress and Hair Loss

To fully understand telogen effluvium, you must first understand the hair cycle. The growth and resting phases of the hair cycle are called the anagen or telogen phases.

Best hair transplant clinic Noida is an expert in hair transplant surgery in India. “The hair emerges around the end of telogen and then the cycle resets to anagen. This is the growth phase.”

A significant stressor can cause the cycle to end. The resting period starts too quickly and the hair begins to fall out. The Best Hair Transplant Doctor Delhi lists many reasons for GKS. These include illness, hospitalizations, deliveries, surgery, and major or abrupt stressors. The body may be able to save energy by transferring hair to rest. According to this theory, developing hair takes a lot of energy. When you are under significant stress, your body will prioritize survival over maintaining healthy hair.

It is possible that the timing of the onset may be off. Because a hair cycle takes so long, TE can occur but not show symptoms for 3 months after a stressful event. For the same reason, women who just gave birth to a child may notice a change in their hair after 3 months.

What is The Covid-19 Infection that Can Cause Hair Loss?

Covid-19 infections can also be caused by the same hair loss as TE. India’s hair transplant expert says that Covid-19 can affect the whole body. However, the discomfort caused by low oxygen levels, temperature, and pressure might cause hair follicles in a resting phase. According to research, the most common Covid-19 side effects in hospitalized patients six months after infection were sleep problems, fatigue, depression, or anxiety. The subjects also mentioned hair loss.

No matter the cause, telogen effluvium-related loss of hair can lead to serious consequences. This is especially true if you shampoo your hair or do hairstyles. The Best hair-transplant clinic in Noida states that hair falls out completely because the hair follicles become loose. Some people may feel their hair falling out in clumps. He says that you might not notice any thinning unless your hair has been severely damaged.

For safe and effective hair loss treatments, contact Enhance Clinics India to speak with our hair loss specialists.

What can be done to Treat Hair Loss Caused by Covid-19?

The good news is that telogen effluvium lasts only a few months. Unfortunately, it may take between six to nine months for your hair cycle’s anagen phase to return. The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi states that as long as there aren’t any other triggers or disturbances, the body will usually have started to reset itself by the time hair begins to come out. This restoration of normalcy may be more difficult due to the Covid-19 outbreak’s long-term effects. The doctor warns that chronic TE could be caused by prolonged stress. According to the doctor, you need to ensure that your hair is healthy and grows well by eating a balanced diet rich in iron, protein, and vitamin D.

Let’s suppose you have been trying to thin your hair but it just won’t stop. You should consult a hair transplant surgeon in India if you are experiencing hair loss.

A dermatologist may recommend using a topical minoxidil treatment to stimulate hair growth, while your TE heals on its own. The Best Hair Transplant Clinic India offers superior hair restoration services from highly trained hair loss specialists.

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