11 Easy Tips To Develop The Ultimate Ecommerce Mobile App For Your Firm

11 Easy Tips to Develop the Ultimate Ecommerce Mobile App for Your Firm

by Sayyam Mittal — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 5 min. read

When was the last time that you shopped on Amazon via its site? Probably you won’t recall! Since eCommerce mobile apps have made it convenient.

Did you know? 34% of U.S. eCommerce firms’ sales come via its app! Furthermore, it is predicted that the numbers will increase to 53.29% by 2021!

You can also learn about the other benefits of an eCommerce app from here. This led the eCommerce industry to invest in mobile apps drastically.

This measure is also based on certain data. 88% of the US population uses a mobile app to shop from an ecommerce firm!

Probably you have made up your mind to build one for your firm too. So let’s take a look at the basics of the mobile app development process. This will be followed by some easy yet amazing tips about building the perfect mobile app for your eCommerce firm.

What Lies Behind the Term Ecommerce Mobile App Development?

Even though the term looks simple, the process is quite complex.

Mobile app is also known as an app. An app is custom-made software designed to run on mobile phones. They also run on tablets and smartwatches.

Developing an eCommerce app means creating a replica of your firm’s site. However, this app provides you with:

  • Better and faster performance
  • Improved conversions
  • Accessibility (both online and offline)
  • Personalized content
  • Instant push-notifications
  • Shop-on-the-go experience
  • And much more

Although, the process of app development includes:

  • Intense research about the brand and its target audience
  • Interface designing
  • Development of the app using software languages

So probably you have got any idea about what lies behind the term eCommerce app development. Now let’s move on to the most awaited part.
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11 Easy-to-Follow Guidelines which can provide you the Best Ecommerce Mobile App

Your app is your very own automated store. This makes you available to your customers 24/7. Furthermore, your customers can make a purchase at any point of the day.

However, 88% of the total online customers say that they do not return to a firm’s app if they have a bad experience.

To avoid this crisis, you can simply use the following suggestions.

Simple Design and Navigation Layout

Design is the key to perception. Your users will judge your firm based on how your app looks. Your design can be attractive but fail to navigate your users easily. This will lead to a greater abandonment rate. Thereby, you can use these simple steps to create a simple design:

  • Avoid using elements that confuse the mind
  • Keep the space clutter-free – use less text and animation
  • Use simple colors and color schemes
  • Use simple and readable types
  • Provide much white/negative space

Furthermore, these steps can provide you with a simple navigation layout for your app:

  • Limit your eCommerce menu or break them down into sub-parts
  • Categorize the list
  • Provide a guide through the app

Easy Login and Checkout Systems

Formalities are lengthy and boring. Furthermore, every second count.

Thereby, you should provide the user to sign in via Google, Facebook, or other social media accounts.

These sites tend to contain all the necessary details about your user. You can use auto-fill for users who visited your site earlier. This makes the most convenient and time-saving eCommerce mobile app.

More Images and Less Content

We all know about skimming. People often swipe everything until they find their desired option.

Lengthy content can thereby bore your user. Hence, you should try to provide more images about your products. As for content, you should provide necessary detail that too in bullet points.

You can find content in an ecommerce website and mobile app in three forms:

  • Product description
  • Details related latest sale and discounts
  • Reviews

Therefore, the less the content the more hooked your user becomes to your eCommerce mobile app.

Geo-location Tracking

Geo-location tracking is an algorithm used to track the location of your users. Furthermore, it also helps you to understand the reach of your brand.  

With these two options, you can improve this reach and customer experience. You can also alert your users by sending customized emails and messages. These customized messages should be based on the areas’ demographics and geo-graphics.

Auto Suggestions

Auto suggestions can be used as important tools.

Firstly, it helps the user to find their desired products. Secondly, it provides the user with greater options to choose from.

The latter happens to be a persuasive tactic to increase your sales.

Usually, an eCommerce mobile app analyzes all the details about your user. The search and purchase history provides it with the user’s shopping behavior. The system then generates a list of related products that the user may find interesting.
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Easy to Operate with One Hand

People use their phones with a single hand. Therefore, certain buttons of your eCommerce app should be placed where your user can reach it with their thumbs and fingers. Here is the list of those buttons:

  • Proceed option
  • Cart button
  • Payment button

Quick Loading Speed

Technology has made us impatient. We demand better speed from a page or app that we access. Furthermore, a 1-2 seconds delay has resulted in increasing the abandonment rate by 21%!

This shows the importance of your app’s loading speed. Mobile can take less data than a website. Therefore, you can use these tips to load your eCommerce mobile app in 4-5 seconds:

  • Reduce the size of the images or use formats like WebP or JPEG 2000
  • Use external CSS to load background graphics
  • Use less comment tags and white lines
  • Leave out irrelevant META content and tags
  • Reduce unnecessary java scripts

Multiple Payment Channels

Your users may prefer to differ payment options. Some may use cash, while the other may use a card or wallet.

Therefore, it is very important that you provide every payment option possible. Users judge your app’s flexibility by its payment gateways and options.

Advanced Security Facilities

A lot of private information is required to complete a transaction. These details may include your user’s address, bank details, digital wallet details, and card details.

Therefore, the best eCommerce mobile app developer will make sure that all these details are properly encrypted. This ensures lesser chances of getting hacked.

Your app’s security helps to build trust and loyalty towards your eCommerce firm.

24/7 Assistance with Chatbots

Your eCommerce mobile app is your 24/7 available firm. Thereby, you must attend to your customers at any point of the day.

However, mobile app developers have a solution for this. They use chatbots to assist your customers.

Chatbots understand human inputs and provide apt outputs as solutions. They use natural language processing for this translation.

This leaves a long-lasting positive impression of your brand on the user.

 Ecommerce Mobile App and Google Analytics

Connecting Google Analytics with your eCommerce mobile app can be a great help. Because Google analyzes feedback with real-time data.

It provides you with information about the users’ reviews. Furthermore, these reports can help you to improve your app to make it more user-friendly.
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eCommerce Mobile App Development Tips – Summary

The list was a long one but we have picked up the most important guidelines such that you can make a note of it.

  • Go minimally while designing your app’s interface and layout
  • Use social media for easier sign-in and checkout processes
  • Utilize to-the-point content and as many images as possible
  • Apply the geo-location algorithm to know your brand’s reach while providing better facilities to your clients
  • Implement an auto-suggestion algorithm to provide more choices while enhancing your sales
  • Place important buttons where users can reach them with their thumbs
  • Optimize your app’s loading speed to decrease the abandonment rate
  • Provide multiple payment options
  • Make sure private details are properly encrypted for better security
  • Offer assistance anytime with chatbots
  • Analyze reviews via Google Analytics and improve your eCommerce mobile app

Are you looking for the best eCommerce app development company? Then let us help you out.

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