10 Best Zapier Alternatives & Competitors In 2023

Top 10 Zapier Alternatives & Competitors In 2023

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 10 min. read

Updated on October 12, 2023

Best Zapier alternatives include Boomi (4.3 rating), N8n.io (4.0 rating), Zoho Flow (4.0 rating), Microsoft Power Automate (3.9 rating), and Workato (3.8 rating).

These softwares provides intelligent integration and automation workflow solutions to any range of businesses.

Delve into our comprehensive guide that talks about top 10 zapier alternatives.

Looking for the best automation tools for your business? The Next Tech Team gathered a comprehensive list of Zapier alternatives that are equivalent in features and integrations. Go through the list to know their pricing, pros, and cons.

People are impatient today, they like moving faster and using fast technology. Even if it’s a business, corporates don’t want a slower approach for their workflows either.

Irrespective of business size and scale, the workflow should be simple, easy to process, and faster towards achieving goals.

But it is not as easy as it sounds…! Accomplishing one process could possibly have multiple functions that need to be achieved in time with precision and speed.

Many organizations are using automation tools to automate workflows and achieve mutable speed.

By saying ‘automation tool’, we are likely pointing to Zapier – a workflow automation tool that was first available in the market and hit a competitive score on the board.

  • Zapier hit $140M revenue and 100K customers in 2023.
  • Zapier is the second most reputable low/no code platforms for internal applications worldwide.
  • Based Zapeir’s press release notes that “every year, 30 million visitors come to Zapier.”

But those are the old days now, the day and night are not similar anymore since we’ve zapier competitors in the market.

There are various zapier alternatives we can see in the year 2023.

With improvement taking frequently, you can use zapier and automation software similar to zapier to see improvement in business processes, tasks, decisions, and results.

Hold tight…

Because we’ve summarized a comprehensive list of the 10 best Zapier alternatives that would help in recurring your long time in researching each option.

But first, let’s talk about the magical beast in the market: Zapier.

Buckle up; you are going to learn about Zapier and later we explore the Zapier alternatives.

☞ What Is Zapier?
☞ Who uses Zapier?
☞ Things you can do with Zapier!
☞ Best Zapier Alternatives in 2023

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Best Zapier Alternatives in 2023

Well, zapier alternatives are awesome as we found in our research. You and I will look into the top ten alternatives to zapier with pricing, features, pros and cons. This will guide you to choose the best companies like zapier in an easy way.

Let’s look at the popular websites and apps like Zapier to maximize the efficiency of your business processes.

1. Boomi (Our Best Recommendation)

Boomi zapier alternative

The year’s best zapier alternative is Boomi as Gartner has named it a leader in the Enterprise iPaaS category. The platform powers enterprises with intelligent integration and automation.

With Boomi, enterprises can connect any form of cloud & on-premise applications directly from the web with no coding, software and appliances to install.

What you can do with Boomi?

  • Real-time integration
  • Flawless API construction
  • Seamless API management
  • Unrestricted data integration

Boomi Pricing 💲

  • Contact Boomi to obtain current pricing.

Boomi Pros 👍

  • Demo available with free trial
  • 20000+ trusted global clientele
  • Instantly connect apps, people, and things.

Boomi Cons 👎

  • Somewhat limited dashboard
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2. N8n.io

N8n.io alternative to zapier

Image Source: n8n.io

N8n is truly an amazing workflow automation software available free to use. It is free and open, easily extendable, and proximate to privacy concerns. The magic of this zapier alternative is that it doesn’t box you in, that you never outgrow it. Like Zapier, it also offers a large range of possibilities to leverage automation benefits without costing a cent.

What you can do with N8n?

  • Sync data between 200+ apps
  • Create custom integrations
  • Design powerful workflows

N8n Pricing 💲

  • N8n.io is completely free for cloud, desktop apps, and self-host

N8n Pros 👍

  • Absolutely free (no cost occurrence)
  • Privacy protected
  • Self-host feature to wherever store and use your data

N8n Cons 👎

  • Fewer customer support
  • Limited to 200 apps to integrate
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3. Zoho Flow (Best Zapier Alternatives)

Zoho flow app like Zapier

Image Source: Zoho Flow

Connect, Automate, Orchestrate with Zoho flow. Zoho Flow is a good alternative to Zapier and works similar to the Zapier automation concept. If you had previously used Zapier and are now looking for new automation software, you can heavenly consider this one. The UI and UX design is minimalist which prompts fast automation features for your chosen apps.

What you can do with Zoho Flow?

  • Tie your apps together
  • UI friendly and dynamic builder
  • Walkthrough to answer how-to

Zoho Flow Pricing 💲

  • It offers two plans: Standard for $10/month, and Professional for $24/month.

Zoho Flow Pros 👍

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • UI friendly interface
  • Support custom integrations

Zoho Flow Cons 👎

  • Need more work on advanced processes
  • Limited stock of pre-made integrations
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4. Tray.io

Tray.io companies like Zapier

Image Source: Tray.io

Tray.io is a reputed platform for evolving the most complex business tasks with the leader in low-code automation. You can say that it holds a serious slack against Zapier’s many ‘Zaps’. It supports a flexible drag-and-drop interface to build workflow with over a library of 600+ app integrations. Its services are used by top-giant companies like Cisco, Udemy, New Relic, Hackernoon, etc.

What you can do with Tray.io?

  • Advance integration and automation
  • Connect to more than 600 apps
  • Design integration with drag and drop editor

Tray.io Pricing 💲

  • The beginners plans start at $695/month, Standard is $1,450/month, and Professional is $2,450/month.

Tray.io Pros 👍

  • Comprehensive automation solutions for everyone
  • Support cloud-based services
  • Try your luck with the free trial

Tray.io Cons 👎

  • Expensive paid plans
  • Low-code rather than no-code platform
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5. HubSpot’s Operations Hub

Operation hup website like Zapier

Image Source: Hubspot Operations Hub

If your business constraints are to grow faster, you can use Hubspot’s operations hub which mainly aims to provide speed, simplicity, and robust automation solutions to any community. This Zapier alternative is an above the sleeve tool that offers more opportunities to scale and grow. Curiously, this tool has the ability to sync data between two apps, meaning you can transfer data from A to B and B to A.

What you can do with Operations Hub?

  • Sync & Clean Customer Data
  • Automate Every Process
  • Curate Data for Reporting

Operations Hub Pricing 💲

  • It has four plans in its sleeve. The starter plans start at $45/month, Professional at $720/month, Enterprise at $2,000/month. There is one more plan which is completely free but with limited scalability features.

Operations Hub Pros 👍

  • Two-way data sync
  • Data Quality Automation
  • Flexibility to store and customize all your data

Operations Hub Cons 👎

  • Expensive plans than Zapier
  • Fewer integration options
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6. Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft power best Zapier alternative

Image Source: Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft’s Power Automate lets you focus on your core business while taking care of repetitive tasks and paperless processes with automation with ease and flexibility. As this Zapier-like software is of the Microsoft family and businesses that rely on Office 365, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, and any other product could be a great choice to bring automation to these apps.

What you can do with Microsoft Power?

  • Automate quickly and more securely
  • Boost efficiency
  • Enhance workflows with AI

Microsoft Power Pricing 💲

  • Their plans start at $15/month and go up to $100/month

Microsoft Power Pros 👍

  • Ideal for Microsoft families products
  • Free trial available
  • Options to create AI powered solutions

Microsoft Power Cons 👎

  • No drag and drop feature like others
  • Rigid integration methods
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7. Workato

Workato app like Zapier

Image Source: Workato

Workato is a good alternative to Zapier, is a single platform for integration and workflow automation that magically transform several business processes to automation. It is similar to Zoho Flow, it has severless operations, speed, simplicity, and maximum security. Workato enterprise automation is used by renowned brands like Slack, Levi’s, Zendesk, and Intuit.

What you can do with Workato?

  • Build complex workflows
  • Accelerate IT with automated IAM provisioning
  • Automate your marketing, sales, finance, and IT processes

Workato Pricing 💲

  • Offer business and product plans. You need to inquire about pricing.

Workato Pros 👍

  • All plans come with unlimited connections
  • You can buy ‘recipes’ for processes whenever you need

Workato Cons 👎

  • No free trial
  • No choices for smaller businesses/individual use
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8. Outfunnel (Good Alternatives To Zapier)

Outfunnel website like Zapier

Image Source: Outfunnel

Outfunnel, as the name suggests, is built for the sales and marketing agenda. Outfunnel is an outstanding website like Zapier that provides major assistance in sales and marketing practices. It can sync various data across sales and marketing tools and records all marketing engagement in your CRM.

What you can do with Outfunnel?

  • Connect all your CRM and marketing apps
  • Automatically share marketing data with sales
  • Do most with web tracking and lead scoring

Outfunnel Pricing 💲

  • It has affordable plans starting at $6/month for the Lite plan, $19/month for Starter, and $49/month for Growth.

Outfunnel Pros 👍

  • Ideal for sales-marketing teams
  • Integrations are easy to set up

Outfunnel Cons 👎

  • No free version available
  • Fewer app connections available than Zapier
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9. Coupler.io

Coupler.io similar to Zaiper

Image Source: Coupler.io

Coupler.io is a Zapier alternative solution for automation workflow. It lets your fellows integrate with any data module in less than five minutes. It is a basic data integration tool that firmly syncs data from multiple services and platforms. You can use this integration tool for seamless workflow automation but with fewer features, reporting, and creating live dashboards.

What you can do with Coupler.io?

  • Automate operational data in near real-time
  • Build custom live workflow dashboards
  • Backup all your data in a single place

Coupler.io Pricing 💲

  • You can use their free plans as much as you want to learn about handful automation. The paid plans are budget-friendly starting from $24/month for professionals to 99$/month for business.

Coupler.io Pros 👍

  • Quick and efficient data flows and syncing
  • Live feed of raw data in a simple and secure format

Coupler.io Cons 👎

  • Only three data destination
  • No data visualization features
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10. Actiondesk.io

Actiondesk.io Zapier alternatives

Image Source: Actiondesk.io

Actiondesk.io is a spreadsheet automation website like Zapier that connects to your SaaS and databases so you can work on your data live. Actiondesk gives you feasibility and advanced automation workflows for your spreadsheet management. One of the good features of this tool is that you can build live reporting with no code efforts.

What you can do with Actiondesk.io?

  • Automate operational data in near real-time
  • Build custom live workflow dashboards
  • Backup all your data in a single place

Actiondesk.io Pricing 💲

  • They have figured prices categories for premium plan starting at $169/month and Business plan at $499/month.

Actiondesk.io Pros 👍

  • Transform data entry into automation
  • Great for non-technical teams
  • Easy import and export of data

Actiondesk.io Cons 👎

  • Fewer integration support
  • Not usable for other than data management

BONUS: Wyzebulb (Cheaper Zapier Alternative)

This, we put in the bonus section because it’s the most cost effective zapier alternative than others.

It provides basic automation tools that offer flexibility to integrate most of the business processes in minutes.

With its easy to use editor app, you can integrate all business applications into one single platform which makes the life of the leader and manager easier.

What you can do with Wyzebulb?

  • Run your marketing campaigns
  • Create complex workflows
  • Connect marketing and sales apps in one place

Wyzebulb Pricing 💲

  • This tool is a friendly alternative to Zapier, hence provides a free trial for 7 days and their single plan starting at $15/month.

Wyzebulb Pros 👍

  • Affordable and cheaper than Zapier
  • 7 days free trials on all plans
  • Basic and advance automation solutions

Wyzebulb Cons 👎

  • No visual editing tools
  • Less multifunctional

What Is Zapier?

Zapier Automation Software Tool

Zapier is a popular business process automation tool that lets businesses and other commodities to enjoy workflow automation by connecting the apps and services they use.

Zapier helps you save time, get tasks done in a minute, improve productivity, learn more about automation tools can do and much more.

Their tagline is “Unlock a more efficient way to work.”

And this is what they have been doing for so long… simplifying business processes!

The simplification concept is achieved via an integration feature that offers zero-effort coding, saves time, and powerful automation for everything.

Essentially, any task that has been assorted for a more manageable purpose, can integrate with Zapier. Zapier can manage your complex work more sincerely than human hands. At least, it won’t let your forces down while you are submitting a report to your senior.

Who Uses Zapier?

Top-giants tech companies, Alphabet organizations like Google and Amazon, and cloud computing brands are using Zapier for convenience and growth.

Breaking down specifically, top industries that use Zapier are illustrated below:

  • Computer Software
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Internet

Are the largest segments of this tragic software.

Distribution of companies using Zapier by Industry

Image Source: Enlyft.com

It can be assumed that the companies using Zapier are most often from the United States. Additionally, Zapier is occasionally used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue.

Things You Can Do With Zapier

Zapier is all about automating your tasks in a simple and meaningful manner. When you put something on automation, you create a ‘Zap’.

Zap is when you put a trigger for one or more actions to perform automatically. When you set up a new Zap,it will run actions (specified) every time the trigger event arises.

A small kind of action such as social media posts or tweeting at a certain time frequently can be done via creating a Zap. Generally, the purpose behind creating a Zap is to support a simple and easy workflow while focusing on other important work at the same time.

In a business scenario, you may use this automation tool for the following possibilities.

  • Acknowledge your team about new ideas, products, and customers.
  • Potentially pass critical messages to a large number of people in seconds.
  • Automatically create, modify actions, and manage calendar events.
  • Consolidate information in a Google sheet or database.
  • Simplify social media management including profile management and interactions.

And there’s more…

We can conclude that this automated tool can be applied to any area of business. Examples include development and operations, data entry and MIS, data forecasts and decision management to the more basic and complex areas of management.

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Zapier Alternatives: Final Thought

Thanks for looking at the list of top ten Zapier alternatives for your business needs. These alternatives to Zapier are well researched and ranked here based on their offerings and popularity.

Explore each of them, compare prices, and try them. Adhere to one that gives you the most pleasant experiences and is best suitable for your business workflows.

You can also check best Zapier Alternatives in PDF here.

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