Top Healthcare Mobile App Trends You Should Consider In 2020

Top Healthcare Mobile App Trends You Should Consider in 2020

by Joe — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 2 min. read

Advances in technology have transformed healthcare app development. The healthcare sector has improved its service delivery through mobile app development.

Health practitioners understand the significance of reaching the pockets of their clients. On most occasions, medical professionals rely on technology for healthcare automation, including reporting, tests, and appointments.

Increased convenience and accessibility have prompted healthcare providers to develop a health app that will transform the way in which healthcare is delivered. 

The following are healthcare mobile app trends in 2020:

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are made through the integration of the Internet of Things. The production of smart wearable devices has made their way into the patient’s wrist to provide constant management of the patient’s health.

Such methods include Fitbit, which works like a smartwatch, and it is wireless. This device is used to measure the patient’s metrics, including quality of sleep, steps walked, and heart rate.

Wearable devices will help healthcare providers to monitor the health of the patients with ease. The main feature in healthcare mobile app development aims at monitoring and administering health through IoT.
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Telemedicine apps

Telemedicine has gained popularity in recent years with the growth of segments in healthcare IT. The technology involves the application of technology to exchange medical data between health practitioners and patients.

Telemedicine has many benefits, apart from being cost-effective, convenient, and provides the best access to reliable healthcare providers, it also allows patients to receive medical instructions without physically meeting the doctor.

telemedicine reimbursement by state can be both complex and ambiguous. The good news is that Health’s experienced regulatory team handles these complexities, especially as they apply to outpatient physician practices.


Geolocation features healthcare mobile app development since it allows patients to locate addresses of nearby health facilities, making emergency calls, and providing medical news and data concerning emergencies. Geolocation is essential during a pandemic since it can be used to fight against the spread of a virus.
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Communication Channels

Through practical and convenient communication processes, there are increased chances of better treatment. Several apps have been developed to offer real-time video calls, instant messaging, and emergency calls.

Additionally, recognition of speech has also become a communication channel. Healthcare facilities can now leverage these communication channels in mobile apps to provide real-time support for patients.

Data Security

Healthcare facilities have been facing the challenge of protecting sensitive patient data from unauthorized access. Following the introduction of healthcare mobile app development, healthcare providers are using apps like mHealth to collect and share health information.

Special attention has been created concerning the security of patient data. With the increased use of the mobile app, patient data is safe and restricted from unauthorized access. Furthermore, as new technologies are emerging, data protection will improve significantly.
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Contact Tracing

Following the coronavirus outbreak across the globe, medical experts suggest the use of contact tracing to contain the virus. When contact tracing is combined with mobile apps, silent tracking of people is possible, and users are notified that any of their contacts have tested COVID-positive.

Mobile Health Payment

Currently, it is not mandatory that one has to pay medical bills through cash during an emergency. There is widespread use of mobile payment options, and processing of transactions is secure, allowing access to healthcare services.


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