What Developers Can Learn From These 5 Apps

What Developers can Learn from These 5 Apps

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Learning never stops, whether you are the person who created Google or the person who is still struggling to raise capital for their startup. The best way to learn is to observe the things around you and by watching and listening, you can actually absorb gigabytes of information.

Similarly, if you are an app developer, learning can never ever stop for you, because you never know when you can make use of the knowledge you receive to conceive a new app idea.

What Developers can Learn from These 5 Apps

Speaking of app developers, here are five amazing apps that have taken the market by storm, and developers like you can also learn a lot from them.

1. Skoove

When you search for the best piano app on the Play Store or App Store, Skoove is the first result that comes up. Skoove is one of the first AI-powered piano learning apps that allows people of all ages to learn piano intuitively.

The app has a clean and modern interface that attracts learners and encourages them to check out its courses. Skoove has designed the visuals for its courses to allow for easy learning with sheet music, keyboard demonstration, and highlighted keys as well.

The wonderful interface and functionality of Skoove is a lesson for app developers who come across projects that involve learning platforms where visual content is also available.

The app doesn’t have many clickable or adjustable functions, which makes it easier for users on smaller screens and smartphones. Moreover, the app keeps the focus of the user-directed towards the lesson, rather than providing any distractions.
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2. LeafPic

If you are a beginner level or novice developer, then open source apps are the best way for you to learn various methods and tips.

Although photo and video gallery apps are so common that you won’t probably give them a second, LeafPic is an app that you would definitely want to check out. It is an advanced and intuitive open-source gallery app that developers can take away a lot from.

The source code for this app can be easily found on GitHub, and it has a beginner level difficulty so you can easily comprehend it. LeafPic has a simple and user-friendly interface and great functions that you can make use of, and you can also tweak things to see how the app responds.

One of the key things that developers can learn from this app is its dynamic theming function, which isn’t easy to integrate into any app. Dynamic theming is preferred by many clients, and it can also be used to show various instances of an app smoothly.

3. Simple Calendar

Just like the gallery app, you might not be very keen on working on a simple calendar app, but it can help you learn a lot as a developer.

If you want to polish your skills in the Kotlin programming language, check out the Simple Calendar app on the Play Store, which is a beginner level open-source app that lets you understand its code and make changes to it.

The source code of Simple Calendar is readily available on GitHub, and it is fairly easy to understand. You can easily tweak the code to add new features or changing existing features to the calendar, and you can also try to make custom widgets or pop-ups for Android smartphones and devices.

Moreover, you can make use of the source code and integrate it into apps that they have made for scheduling or other purposes.
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4. Amaze File Manager

Not every developer dreams of building their own operating system, but the sky is the limit. So, you don’t have to stop at anything.

Speaking of operating systems, there are several pre-built apps that you find in smartphones, one of which is a file manager. If you want to learn how file managers work and how they are coded, check out the Amaze File Manager, which has a more advanced source code than the aforementioned apps.

The source code for Amaze File Manager is also available on GitHub, and you can also download it on the Google Play Store to see how it works.

One of the key things to learn for developers is to build a file manager app that works well across all versions of Android, as well as ensuring proper file handling on external storage options.

5. Timber

On your path to becoming a seasoned and skilled developer, you should also try your hand on music players, which are one of the most frequently used apps on a smartphone.

If you are also a music lover, check out Timber, a wonderfully designed music player for Android with numerous smooth features that you would love to use.

Available on Play Store and GitHub, this open-source music player app is much more advanced than others. It has a large community of developers who regularly contribute with tweaks and upgrades to the project, and you can gain access to a dearth of information regarding the app.

Timber may be a little too advanced for beginners who are just starting out their journey as a developer, but this shouldn’t discourage you from learning. Not only will you be able to personalize your music player app, but also help people listen to millions of songs easily.
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Other Notable Apps

You must have read about the top 5 apps that have a key takeaway for developers who are looking to progress further and become better developers.

Although these apps are key for your development, there are many other notable apps that you can learn from. These apps include Easy Sound Recorder, MLManager, PhotoAffix, MovieGuide, AnExplorer, AnotherMonitor, and many others.

If you are looking to become a master developer with time, make sure to put nothing beneath you and try everything, even if it means reading the source code for a Stopwatch app over and over again or re-coding an entire app just to learn how it works.

You never know when you would come across an exciting app idea that nobody has tried before and by continuing the learning process, you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind to.

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