Freezvon: Trustworthy IP Telephony Provider

Freezvon: Trustworthy IP Telephony Provider

by Alan Jackson — 1 year ago in Review 3 min. read

Freezvon IP telephony is used by both legal entities and individuals. The company has been providing its services for 10 years. The organization offers high-quality information transfer with no interference.

Freezvon Features

The main advantage of the operator is the use of high-speed data transmission channels. High bandwidth ensures no delays in the conversation and a fast connection between the interlocutors.

Availability and speed of the service performance is another strong argument in favor of Freezvon. You do not have to wait for the connection of complex systems in order to start using telephony. It is enough to go through the registration procedure, replenish the account, present the required documents (to make sure that everything is within the law), and you can start the connection. You can use any software that is compatible with devices and offers traffic encryption, support for audio conferencing, and file sharing.

Another feature is a high level of service. Any questions and difficulties are ready to be solved by fast and high-quality technical support. The technical assistance section contains a large number of algorithms for connecting VoIP equipment. The most inexperienced user will be able to configure the device without great effort.

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The Most Popular Freezvon services

You should familiarize yourself with the list of decent services in more detail.

  • Simple internet telephony. It can be used for home, office, and commercial calls.
  • Virtual PBX helps get a set of options for telephone installation of enterprises. The package includes CRM connectivity, organization of chats, calls from the site, and much more.
  • Organization of a SIP channel for connecting third-party PBXs to virtual telephony.
  • Direct virtual number usage. It is allowed to use landline virtual numbers located in different countries of the world.
  • SMS service. Use the short message option as usual in order to inform customers about the current promotions.
  • Back call. It’s a great feature for remote communication management.

Moreover, there’s a high level of sound transmission quality and communication stability. Clients get the opportunity to communicate freely (due to the toll-free feature, when customers don’t have to pay for calls). There’s also the availability of virtual PBX activation. The simplicity and low cost of organizing telephony in the office allow you to establish communications in the enterprise without purchasing additional expensive equipment. Company specialists will do their best to resolve all the problems as soon as possible.

What Solutions are The Most Popular?

Many companies prefer to purchase a virtual phone number in the USA and other countries that are perceived as decent locations to run a business. That’s why such representatives choose SIP client as one of the alternative programs for connecting a phone to a computer. It can be used to call both mobile and landline numbers. Unlike instant messengers, the application has more diverse features, including the function of recording conversations and integration with CRM systems.

No additional equipment or any financial costs are required to connect the program to calls from a computer. The user can call various numbers in the world without restrictions immediately after setting up the application. Effective communication has a positive effect on expanding the base of consumers of goods and services and increasing profits from activities. It is recommended to use the service if the work of the company involves the constant making of calls.

American virtual numbers are rather useful both, for businesses and individuals.

  • The solution is helpful when it is necessary to save the phone number (for the comfort of customers) after changing the physical address of the company.
  • The user does not want to leave personal data during verification on the sites.
  • It’s a decent option when it’s necessary to protect yourself from spam and promotional offers.
  • It helps to create a communication network for employees who work remotely.

User data is securely protected from falling into the third party’s hands. The client’s account helps manage all the settings. It’s easy to turn on call forwarding, use an answering machine, record conversations, set up voicemail, etc.

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