Why Professionals Are Choosing To Acquire Qlik Sense Certification

Why Professionals are Choosing to Acquire Qlik Sense Certification

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Review 4 min. read

Qlik Sense is becoming a mainstream BI and business analytics tool. Today, data is more than just raw numbers. Professionals everywhere want to deliver a visual representation of data.

Translating data has become more complex as businesses are starting to rely heavily on numbers. That’s why professional business analysts prioritize software that helps solve and express data in a visual form, such as Qlik Sense.

Being able to interpret data quickly is the main appeal of Qlik Sense. It has proven to be one of the best analytic software tools on the market because of its impressive implementation of data visualization.

Certification in Qlik Sense is desirable for business analysts as this tool and others continue to thrive in today’s environment of quick data translation for fast analysis.

What Is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is Qlik’s primary data analysis tool. It functions to organize data to create a visual representation of it.

Qlik Sense is a valuable and user-friendly BI tool that allows team members to create outstanding visuals with data. The reason for creating a visual representation of this data is how easy it is to discover patterns and trends and identify new opportunities.

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Qlik Sense Features Professionals Like

Professionals in the industry are showing interest in what Qlik has to offer, but the key features that attract these professionals are as follows:


Qlik Sense extensions allow users to implement robust and intuitive third-party visualizations and integrate them into their reports. Unfortunately, not all BI software allows third-party integration, but luckily Qlik Sense lets you customize your experience beyond what they offer.

Self-service Visualization

The remarkable aspect of Qlik most appealing is the data visualization. Any individual can actively interrupt data to show active moments and life. The importance of this comes with how easy it is to present and translate your data.

Mobile Functionality

Having access to data regardless of your device and location is convenient. Qlik gives users access to their service on many devices, including mobile ones. Not only that, users get complete interactive offline analysis and integrated alert features.


Finally, another important feature for professionals is the reporting aspect. Through Qlik, users can share and subscribe to other Qlik Sense sheets. Additionally, they can publish, build, and export any of their documents in well-known formats like PDFs, Office, and HTML.

Why Do You Need Qlik Sense Certification?

Qlik Sense certification shows people that you’re an expert with the software. There will be little to no doubt in anyone’s mind that you can deliver exceptional results with the software if someone needs you.

When you have certification, you’re telling your employer, clients, and business partners that you’re not only qualified but dependable. There are three upfront benefits of Qlik Sense certification.

  • Show you’re an expert using the software.
  • You understand all the fundamentals and features the software has to offer.
  • You fluently grasp any complicated processes on how to create and analyze data on software.

Beyond that, you can translate what you learn from your Qlik Sense certification to other data visualization software like Tableau.

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How Professionals Feel About Qlik Sense

When looking at reviews for Qlik Sense, there are a few factors that stand out. The first is the performance. Overall, users seem to favor the fast and responsive nature of the Qlik Sense software.

Software like Tableau has fantastic visuals and functions well as an application, but it struggles to maintain the same responsiveness as Qlik Sense. The lack of disruptions to someone’s workflow is a massive benefit.

Third-party extensions seem to be another benefit of why professionals are beginning to use Qlik Sense over its competitors. Third-party extensions allow Qlik Sense users to go beyond the capabilities of base Qlik Sense.

Difference Between Qlik Sense Certification and Qualification

The main difference between Qlik Sense certification and qualification is what they represent. Someone with certification is recognized as an expert by Qlik, while someone with qualifications has a mastery of the fundamental aspects of the software.

Qlik qualifications are available free of charge for Qlik Sense users. Most will have a fundamental mastery of some of the features and software Qlik offers as they passively use it.

It’s important to note that qualifications are only available for Qlik Sense Business Analysts and Data Architects. There are product certifications available for Data Architects, Qlik Sense Business Analysts, Qlikview, Qlik Compose, and Qlik Replicate.

Qlik certifications are also proctored exams by Pearson VUE.

How Long Does Certification Last?

Once you’ve gained certification with Qlik, you’ll maintain that certification forever. So there is no expiration of your Qlik Sense certification.

Although there is no expiration to your certification Qlik is regularly updated, so your certificate may become irrelevant over time. Your certification may take a while to become irrelevant, but it’s still crucial to stay on top of every Qlik Sense extension or update.

Your exam essentially certifies you as an expert in the most recent version up to the point of the exam you took. That’s why it becomes crucial to stay up to date with Qlik Sense extensions or software and, after a while, maybe retake the certification exam to emphasize your expertise in the software.

It’s also important to consider that some Qlik partners may want you to be up to date with the most recent software version.


Getting Qlik Sense certification will cost you $250 per exam. Remember that getting Qlik certification means Qlik recognizes you as an expert and understands Qlik Sense enough to become a partner with Qlik.


Businesses and professionals alike are taking software tools like Qlik into heavy consideration. The benefits of having Qlik certification outweigh the negatives, which only seem to be the cost of the exam.

Study the software and content Qlik provides, and remember that the exam will be difficult. If a professional is considering Qlik Sense certification, you should stay updated on each version. Regardless of what you decide, having Qlik certification will always prove helpful.

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