5 Fool-Proof Ways To Catch Your Cheating Partner Red-Handed

5 Fool-Proof Ways To Catch Your Cheating Partner Red-Handed

by Julie Mark — 3 years ago in Security 3 min. read

Dealing with, more specifically exposing a cheating spouse, can be a complicated affair and if you really want to catch them red-handed, you have to play your cards right.

The best way to find out the secrets that they may have been keeping from you is to find as much concrete proof as you can. You need receipts that will prove their infidelity and give you the closure and satisfaction that you need.

In this article, we’re telling you how you can find this proof and dig out what they’ve been doing, and whom they’ve been talking to on the low, even if they keep their tracks as safe as possible. Keep reading to know more.

5 Fool-Proof Ways To Catch Your Cheating Partner Red-Handed

  1. Use GPS Tracking

As an affair progresses, your partner is more and more likely to start going to different locations, whether that’s restaurants, hotels and motels, vacations, new addresses, and more to meet their partner-in-crime. Simultaneously, they will start coming home late, lying about going to work, or lying about being with coworkers or colleagues, even when they are not.

So using a GPS tracker, either as an app on their phone or having it installed on their vehicle, and monitoring it remotely will let you know where they are when you aren’t around.
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  1. Installing Spy Apps

By just installing one or a couple of apps on your partner’s phone, you’ll be able to read every single message, text, email, call, and more. You will also be able to see whatever they are doing on their social media apps and profiles. You can find several free Android spy apps for cheating spouse, and iPhones as well.

If there is an app in particular that you’d like to go through, such as Snapchat, then you can find apps suited specifically for that app as well. Many such apps also allow you to record whatever information you see, which will help you store proof as well. However, one hurdle that you may face here is that you will have to physically install the app on their phone, which might prove to be difficult.
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  1. Checking Bank Account Statements

An alternative method that you can use to find out what your spouse has been doing behind your back, is to go through their bank account statements.

Checking their recent spending habits is an excellent way to find out about what they have been doing, where they have been as well as whom they are spending on. This is because when you use a card at a hotel or restaurant, the bank statement reflects which establishment it has been spent on.

The same obviously goes for shopping as well. Expensive dinner bills, purchases of jewelry, lingerie, perfume, hotel bills, etc. are some suspicious purchases that can lead you to the eye of the storm.

  1. Using Activity Recording Software

If your spouse uses their laptop or desktop a lot, or you are in a situation where you can’t install full-on spy software into a device, recording software can also work wonders.

What we mean here is software that runs in the background, which can record which keys are being pressed on chronologically, and store that data for retrieval later.

This way you can find out every message or email your partner types, what websites they visit, and pretty much everything that they type or search for. Such software is very discreet, and only the person who installed it can access such data which makes it secure as well.
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  1. Create A Dating Profile

Most often than not, unless they’ve met the other person through work, you will find your cheating spouse or partner on a dating app or hook-up website of sorts. So creating a fake dating profile, with characteristics of the kind of people they find attractive and using it to look for them can be a pretty good strategy.

If your plan works out, they might accept your request and then you can use it as proof of their infidelity. However, the chances of this idea working out are lesser, since it is largely based on assumption and luck, and the chance that they will be on the app and they will accept your request and start a conversation with you.

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