50 Percent Android Antivirus Apps Are Frauds

50 Percent Android Antivirus Apps are Frauds

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Security < 1 min. read

The company said it believed the 30 percent detection markers (with zero false positives) as a threshold between legal antivirus apps and those it believed ineffective or downright dangerous. That means that 170 of those 250 Android antivirus apps had neglected the business’s most fundamental detection tests and were, for all intent and purposes.

“The majority of the above apps, as well as the insecure programs already mentioned, appear to have been developed either by non-professional developers or by dedicated app developer which are not focused on the security business,” the AV-Comparatives personnel said. An investigation by cybersecurity company AV-Comparatives discovered many things, but some do not even attempt to function as planned.

So here is exactly what they did? They installed an antivirus on an Android apparatus, then programmed the unit to download and then conduct a famous virus breed, one that was seen roughly one year ago. This way, the investigators would check whether the program works and when it is being upgraded in any way. They did so some 2,000 days, for different programs and unique viruses. The results are shocking. Some programs do not analyse the code, only the program name. They’d also allow programs for exactly the very same factors.

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Programs that could discover at least 30 per cent of viruses, with no false positives, could be considered valid but from 250 programs which were discovered, 170 failed. It was also said that most of these ‘antivirus’ programs were created by precisely the exact same group, which would likewise occasionally develop mobile app games and other completely unrelated activities.

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