Anti-mask Facebook Group Suspended

Anti-mask Facebook group suspended for spreading coronavirus misinformation

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Facebook is, by and large, a wretched hive of misinformation and villainy. Fortunately, it’s just a tiny bit less scummy now, with the site having suspended one of its largest anti-mask groups.

The Verge reports that Facebook group Unmasking America! has been removed for spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

Over 9,600 members strong, the group opposed the use of face masks, spread widely debunked myths about the accessories, and loudly advocated for people to completely ignore medical professionals amidst a deadly global pandemic.

“We have clear policies against boosting harmful misinformation regarding COVID 19 and have eliminated this collection while we examine others,” Facebook spokesperson Dami Oyefeso informed Mashable.

Unmasking America!

Was eliminated after The Verge achieved outside to Facebook for comment on the group. A fast investigation by Mashable discovered several other anti-mask groups now stay busy on Facebook, for example NO MAS(K) with over 3,400 members and Anti-Maskers with over 1,700.
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The Verge notes Facebook group Million Unmasked March remains busy too, with nearly 8,000 members. What is more, it is promoting a rally where unmasked people will collect in massive numbers — what health practitioners are begging people to not.

Misinformation surrounding using face masks is rife both off and online, using anti-mask campaigners claiming they lower your oxygen levels and infringe on people’s private freedoms.

Such discussions have been, exhaustively countered and debunked by medical experts, however this hazardous and incorrect rhetoric continues to circulate.

Regardless of the uncontrolled spread of misinformation on its own stage, Facebook was reluctant to get rid of bogus content entirely unless it might result in”imminent physical harm” In an April blog article, the website said it is rather combating COVID-19 misinformation by getting content evaluated by fact-checkers and, when found untrue,”[diminishing ] its supply and [revealing ] warning labels using more circumstance ”
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Luckily, it appears Facebook is acknowledging that refusing to put on a mask and inviting other people to do the exact same may quickly result in bodily injury.

“Cases of misinformation we have eliminated include dangerous claims such as drinking bleach remedies the virus and also concepts such as physical distancing is unsuccessful in preventing the illness from spreading,” Facebook composed in April.

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