Google Drive Will Stop Upgrading Your Google Photos Beginning In July [APK Insight]

Google Drive Will Stop Upgrading Your Google Photos Beginning in July [APK Insight]

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Google Drive may stop

Google Drive has been the all-purpose storage option for many, keeping both classic office documents and Google Docs, together with files and photos of all types. Before, Google Drive has functioned in conjunction with Google Photos to maintain your photos safely stored and reachable in both programs. This Google Photos sync integration appears to be end in the not too distant future, nevertheless, according to the newest edition of this Google Drive program.

About APK Insight: During this’APK Insight’ article, we have decompiled the most recent edition of a program that Google uploaded into the Play Store. As soon as we decompile these records (known as APKs, in the instance of Android programs ), we are ready to view different lines of code inside that hint at potential future capabilities. Remember that Google may or may never ship these attributes, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect. We are going to attempt to allow the ones that are nearer to being completed, yet, to explain to you how they will look in the event they do ship. Bearing that in mind, continue reading.

Google Photos sync deprecation

The decoupling of all Google Photos in Google Drive was in progress for a year and a half, using all the”Google Photos” tab at Google Drive being the initial removal. This was largely a UI change, which helped push users to utilize the a variety of Google Photos programs, but it abandoned the potential of syncing photographs to Google Drive unsure.

These days, we have our very first concrete sign of if Google Drive and Google Photos will probably stop to sync, located in the most recent edition of Google Drive, 2.19.192. Google has included two strings that describe the”Google Photos” folder at Google Drive will no longer be in sync using the Google Photos program.

Starting in July, your Google Photos library will no longer sync to Google Drive. All your files are safe in Google Photos.
Your Google Photos folder is no longer syncing with Google Photos. Your photos are all safe in Google Photos.

By doing this, it appears Google will only switch off the connection between Google Photos and Google Drive after this season. In both strings, Google tries to assuage any fears of lost photographs, highlighting that photographs are”secure in Google Photos.” Most importantly, the”Google Photos” folder may also still exist on your Google Drive, but may no longer sync, beginning in July.

The strings are not visible yet from the Google Drive program, which means a few of these details are still possibly subject to change, such as the July date recorded.

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How to update?

Google Drive 2.19 is rolling out today through the Play Store. We don’t post APKs to obtain right granted the legal challenges related to copyright and chance of elimination. Meanwhile, that version is perilous given Android Program Packages and Google Play’s Dynamic Delivery.

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