Make Microsoft President New FB CEO

Make Microsoft President new FB CEO

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Security 2 min. read

May be Microsoft President Brad Smith as its new CEO

Speaking in the Collision Tech Conference in Toronto on Tuesday, Alex Stamos Stated Zuckerberg Should give up a Number of his Hands of Facebook and hire a new CEO, reports CNN.

SAN FRANCISCO: Mired in many privacy scandals, Facebook should hire Microsoft President Brad Smith as its new CEO since it’s right time for Mark Zuckerberg to resign, a former Facebook security leader has emphasized.

Talking in the Collision Tech Conference in Toronto on Tuesday, Alex Stamos stated Zuckerberg Should give up a Number of his hands of Facebook and employ a new CEO, reports CNN.

“There’s a valid debate he has too much electricity. He wants to give up some of the electricity,” Stamos was quoted as stating. “Facebook must possess an inner revolution on the civilization of the products are constructed. If I had been him, I’d go hire a new CEO for the business,” Stamos said, including Smith might be a fantastic match as a”adult that has been through this before”.

Stamos, who had been a crucial figure in the struggle against the spread of fake news and misinformation, stop Facebook in August this past year and combine Stanford University as a fulltime educator and writer.

At a recent opinion piece from The New York Times, Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes said the authorities has to maintain Mark (Zuckerberg) liable, including that now is the time to split up the social media giant.

Zuckerberg is also Called Chief Product Officer Following the recent Death of Christopher Cox.

The two Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg have stated that breaking Facebook will not serve any function.

“You can break us up, you can break other tech firms upward, but you really do not tackle the underlying problems people are worried about,” Sandberg told CNBC.

Many US Senators also have called for dividing the social media amid repeated information breaches and privacy violations on this stage.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris has worried that police should have a critical look at dividing Facebook since the social media platform is a”utility which has gone awry”.

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