Said Ren Zhengfei: Google Android Underestimates' Huawei

Said Ren Zhengfei: Google Android underestimates’ Huawei

by Evelyn Addison — 5 years ago in Security 2 min. read


  • Huawei provide of ICT infrastructure and smart devices in world.
  • A Beautiful statement of Ren Zhengfei for our Business society: Google Android underestimates’ Huawei.
  • Why UK companies make long-term partnerships with Huawei?
  • Huawei Network Cloud Engine is service provide the company meet its customers’ needs and live within future in the highly competitive market.
  • Huawei Executive said, “Data is becoming a new means of production,creative and bright, the new form of productivity.”
  • Huawei thank to all countries who came out to support the Production.

Google Android underestimates’ Huawei

Donald Trump activities against Huawei will just serve to debilitate rivalry, back off 5G advancement and anticipate U.S. shoppers and organizations from getting to the world’s most developed interchanges innovation.

Huawei originator Ren Zhengfei has stayed insubordinate towards US moves against his organization, saying the US “thinks little of” its capacities.

Addressing Chinese state media, Mr Ren made light of the effect of ongoing US checks and said nobody could get up to speed to its 5G innovation sooner rather than later.

A week ago the US added Huawei to a rundown of organizations that American firms can’t exchange with except if they have a permit.

The move denoted a heightening in US endeavors to obstruct the Chinese organization.

“The present routine with regards to US lawmakers disparages our quality,” Mr Ren stated, as per transcripts from state media.

Huawei faces a developing reaction from Western nations, driven by the US, over potential dangers presented by utilizing its items in cutting edge 5G portable systems.

The potential aftermath from the US choice to put Huawei on its “element list” was drawn into spotlight on Monday after Google banned the Chinese tech mammoth from certain updates to its Android working framework.

Later on Monday, the US Commerce Department issued a brief permit that empowered a few organizations to keep supporting existing Huawei systems and gadgets.

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Born of Huawei

♥Huawei was established in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei.

♥First centered around assembling telephone switches, Huawei has since extended its business to incorporate structure broadcast communications systems.

♥Giving operational and counseling administrations and gear to ventures inside and outside of China, and assembling specialized gadgets for the shopper market.

♥Huawei had 190,000 representatives as of September 2017 around 90,000 of them occupied with Research and Development Huawei has 21 R&D organizations whole the world.

♥Till 2017 the organization pay US$13.8 billion in R&D.

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