The Real Peril: Truecaller Data Available For Sale

The Real Peril: Truecaller Data Available for Sale

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Security 2 min. read

Truecaller data available for sale

Report: Statistics from caller identification program Truecaller, such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses of consumers globally, is available for sale on personal online fora, as reported by a cybersecurity analyst that tracks such trades.

Information of Indian consumers, that constitute 60-70% of Truecaller’s worldwide user base of almost 140 million, has been marketed for approximately Rs 1.5 lakh ($2,000) about the so-called black net, the person said. Data of international users is priced as large as $25,000.

The program, which also provides payment solutions via the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to its own Indian customers, denied any violation of its own database. On the other hand, the business said it has discovered cases of unauthorised copying of information termed scratching — from its users. Truecaller also provides a premium version, where consumers can look for an infinite set of numbers to the stage to get a payment.

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No Break: Truecaller

“It’s been recently brought to our attention that a number of users have been abusing their account,” an agent for Truecaller stated in a statement. “In light of the event, we’d love to strongly affirm at this point that no sensitive consumer information was obtained or expressed, particularly our customers’ fiscal or payment information,” the spokesperson said in response to inquiries from ET.

ET examined a sample data collection that was available and discovered it contained personal identifiers in addition to users’ condition of home and cellular service provider. An investigation of arbitrary numbers on the Truecaller app came up outcomes that matched the information shared with ET from the analyst.

“The group was investigating the matter, and it has discovered a huge proportion of the sample information doesn’t match or isn’t Truecaller data,” the Swedish firm said.

Cyber specialists are of the opinion that such a massive chunk of information could only be retrieved by breaking up the database of Truecaller. “It isn’t just this information, there’s data available from numerous financial institutions. Organisations must take precautions, track the dark net and guard client information,” said J Prasanna of Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation, a Singapore-based firm.

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