How Safe Is Your Supply Chain?

How Safe is your Supply Chain?

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Supply Chain Management 2 min. read

Through time, the utility market has developed a fixed safety education. As soon as we consider these security programs, We frequently consider this Hard Hat, The Steel-Toe Boots, Fire Resistant Clothing, maintaining three points of contact as we raise the voice and heaps of other small things that could make huge differences in regards to safety.

Supply Chain Management

“Even though everyone should be active regarding the protection of their people” A fire sensor failed to supply a timely alert to this flame to employees and, as it had been detected, a fire suppression system discharged water on molten magnesium. But that was just the start of the effect. A week after, Ford announced that production of its favourite F150 pickup will be temporarily stopped due to a parts shortage brought on by a fire in a provider’s facility.

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Which provider? Meridian Magnesium

Within the upcoming few days, the effect would also expand to Ford’s Super Duty manufacturing lines in Kentucky and Ohio in addition to Chrysler’s Pacifica manufacturing line in Ontario. But news reports and remarks from Ford don’t hold any sign that they had visited the plant or examined (at any level) the plant’s safety record and processes.

Ever since being acquired by another firm in late 2013, the Meridian Magnesium mill was cited for many security violations that led to fines of $6,700. These events associated with employee safety around electrical gear, die-casting machines, and industrial trucks. Past the fines, this wrongdoing had led to workers suffering burns and injuries at work.

Your security culture doesn’t necessarily expand to your supplier community.

A provider with a security manual and a security program. However, utilities actually want are providers and contractors which have a security culture that contrasts with theirs.

How much can you know more about the security programs of the key suppliers?

Are you aware whether they’ve been cited for any security violations or have data about accidents and near future?

Have your security professionals visited provider centres? Are communications stations set up so you are aware of and will deal with an incident in the provider’s facility?

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Based upon your responses, it could be time for you to jump-start a security partnership with those critical suppliers for the interest of both enhancing the security of employees and mitigating supply chain impacts. As soon as you’ve got a listing of vendors, perform site visits to analyze and evaluate security. This info can subsequently be utilised to make a gap-to-goal plan you may associate with the chosen vendor to reach, sharing best practices and developing an urgency and route for actions.

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