Top Logistics Trends To Watch In 2020

Top logistics Trends to Watch in 2020

by Roxana Linda — 4 years ago in Supply Chain Management < 1 min. read

In a market selling close-substitute products, the differentiating factor will be Order fulfillment optimization. Improving logistics function is the key to cinching customers despite hard-to-meet delivery expectations. The first roadblock to minimizing delivery lead time came in the form of prohibitions on using drones. Privacy legislations prevented drones in the private airspace, which meant sellers were back to square one.

With competition becoming cutthroat and profits dwindling, online sellers prioritized logistics security, primarily for logistics. With increased data analysis tools, stakeholders had improved understanding of avenues to optimize. With inventory management techniques becoming increasingly valid, businesses looked at minimizing warehousing costs too. Data had a significant role to play in coordinating inventory and dispatch. Robots on the factory floor and AI for chatbots improved the relevance of automation for sellers.

Reliable tracking APIs from packing and dispatch until delivery helped cater to customers’ Need-to-have-it-now attitude by making the delivery process is transparent. This transparency will be accompanied by increased cybersecurity measures as well. The efficacy of logistics, combined with real-time tracking APIs, determines customer engagement.

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