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What are Data Unions? How do they work? Which ones...
By: Sina Sanders, Thu April 2, 2020

As a developer or business owner who’s integrating a Data Union into their app, you become the Data Union’s de facto administrator. That means you can take a cut of the money that your users make selling their data. Or you can offer your users free or premium access if they share their revenue with you...


Best Practices to keep Your Domain Safe and Secure
By: Jolene Rutherford, Wed December 25, 2019

In the modern online world, data protection is of the utmost importance. As more and more businesses venture into the..


How to Secure backups in Automated Data Protection...
By: Rebecca James, Sat November 30, 2019

Amidst the ever-evolving threats facing enterprises today- the task of completely securing an organization from a multitude of external and..

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