10 Countries With The Fastest Internet in The World

10 Countries With The Fastest Internet in The World

by Jenna Gabat — 1 year ago in Top 10 3 min. read

Internet service has quickly become a part of our everyday lives and essential for the way we live. We depend on our internet connection to work from home, attend classes remotely, pay bills online, stay in touch with friends and more.

Nearly everything we do is somehow connected to the internet. But imagine living in a country or rural area without high-speed internet access. Your daily routine would change pretty dramatically. Internet speeds slower than your grass grows doesn’t count as an efficient internet connection. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s unbearable and unusable.

We need fast internet and the faster our internet is the better so we can not only work and pay our bills, but do fun things too like play video games and stream our favorite movies.

You probably don’t even give your internet speeds a second thought unless your internet provider has an outage or your family has an internet plan with data caps. Where do you think your home internet connection ranks in the United States or amongst other countries?

Even if you live in a city where internet providers have invested a truck load of money towards new internet infrastructure, you might be surprised to learn that the United States is only ranked tenth with average internet speeds as fast as 161.14 Mbps.

Top 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet

Internet technology is always advancing and with it our internet providers are improving. They’re becoming more efficient, delivering faster speeds and lowering their latency. Average internet speeds are expected slowly to increase over time as more internet providers adopt fiber technology.

Today, Singapore has the fastest internet in the world with the fastest average broadband speeds of 226.6 Mbps. Next is Hong Kong, followed by Romania and Switzerland.

Surprisingly to some, the United States barely squeaks in at tenth fastest average internet speeds in the world. Charter Spectrum is one of the fastest internet provider in USA.

Ranking Country Average Broadband Internet Speed
#1 Singapore 226.6 Mbps
#2 Hong Kong 210.73 Mbps
#3 Romania 193.47 Mbps
#4 Switzerland 178.81 Mbps
#5 Thailand 175.22 Mbps
#6 France 173.05 Mbps
#7 Denmark 162.08 Mbps
#8 Monaco 162.06 Mbps
#9 Hungary 161.51 Mbps
#10 United States 161.14 Mbps

These statistics are from the popular speed test publisher Ookla’s global speed test index. Keep in mind these are average internet speeds for entire countries; some areas will be faster, some areas will be slower and some areas may be unserved.

Fairly soon borders will be opening and travelling will be resuming to normal like we experienced before the COVID-19 pandemic devastatingly hit countries worldwide.

In these ten countries you’ll likely find high speed internet service that will keep you in touch with what is going on back home and be fast enough to work remotely.
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Top 10 Countries With The Worst Internet

When you think you’ve got the worst internet connection around, these statistics will prove that your internet speeds aren’t that bad after all. In the United States, we have the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC that regulates our internet in all 50 states.

The FCC defines high speed internet as internet with 25 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speeds. None of these ten countries have what we would consider high speed internet or organizations like the FCC that promote internet connectivity.

Let’s dive into the top ten countries with the worst internet speeds worldwide. Today, Cuba has the slowest internet in the world with the average broadband speed so low that Ookla doesn’t always register their speeds on their global speed index.

Next is Mozambique, followed by Turkmenistan and Yemen. From 3 Mbps to 9 Mbps, these countries experience the most frustratingly slow internet:

Ranking Country Average Broadband Internet Speed
#1 Cuba Unknown
#2 Turkmenistan 3.4 Mbps
#3 Yemen 4.25 Mbps
#4 Algeria 4.81 Mbps
#5 Mauritania 6.47 Mbps
#6 Sudan 7.26 Mbps
#7 Burundi 8.21 Mbps
#8 Syria 8.24 Mbps
#9 Mozambique 8.29 Mbps
#10 Venezuela 8.64 Mbps

At these average internet speeds, residents of these countries cannot do much beyond web surfing, checking email and reading the news with their internet connections. These statistics are averages and understate how many live in unserved communities in rural and remote areas.

If you have your sights set for a vacation in one of these countries, you likely won’t be happy with the internet speeds you’ll receive at the hotel. You’ll have to make alternative accommodations for internet connectivity or simply expect to be mostly disconnected while on your trip.

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