15 Top Online Tools For Distance Learning.

15 Top Online Tools for Distance Learning

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Education will always be valuable and will open up a lot of opportunities for you. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your skills. Some resources can help you do it for free. We’ve compiled a list of online learning tools and websites where you can get training, investing only your time in it.

Various useful services for learning and expanding your horizons

Curious – online lessons with an unusual idea

Service of fascinating online tutorials with an original concept. A user should specify the area of interest and the system will select the most suitable materials. Their number varies according to how much time the student is ready to spend on learning daily.

TED – a selection of video lectures on various topics

Stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. American private non-profit foundation, known primarily for its annual conferences. Here you can learn about everything in the world. Scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, engineers, and others share their ideas on the stage. Almost all videos are subtitled.

MusicTheory – music learning

The terrific project, which offers dozens of lessons on reading notes and music theory. It also contains exercises to consolidate knowledge, training your ears. You can find some useful tools for beginners, like a key-note calculator, and others.

There are many different services, programs, and useful things here. Those who want to play a musical instrument can do it from the computer. Of course, you can’t learn without an instrument. But this virtual learning tool will be a good help to those who take lessons from a tutor or independently comprehend the wisdom.

HowStuffWorks – videos on everything in the world

A repository of materials devoted to the most interesting things and phenomena on the planet. Sample topics include science, health, home and garden, technology, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, and more. You can find the answer to any question and be sure that the information you get is trustworthy.

Guides.co – a collection of guides on different topics

The service motto is “A modern way to share knowledge”. You can find guides from leading teachers, authors, bloggers, marketers on a variety of topics. These guides are great distance learning tools to improve your skills. You can read other people’s experiences or share your own.

Pianu – online platform for learning to play the piano

A very handy project that will be a good help for anyone learning to play the piano. Presents a virtual keyboard, the ability to connect additional devices, a large archive of songs, etc.

Digital Photography School – a site for learning photography

The site has a huge collection of useful materials for studying the wisdom of photography. Guides for beginners, sections with tools and tips on processing, various articles, and examples are at your disposal. There is a lot of stuff that will be interesting to both novice photographers and amateur photographers.

Platzi – online tutorials in four areas

The educational platform touches on several major topics that are more relevant today than ever before. These include business, design, marketing, programming. The platform offers courses with all the components of a full-fledged training program. These are the lessons and assignments, and testing the mobile app for more convenient study.

EssaysDiscounts.com – for monitoring discounts, coupons, and other promotions for writing paperworks

If you are experiencing difficulties in preparing homework in any discipline, writing essays, etc., contact professional writers for help. However, the price for such a service is not always acceptable. And this is where essays discounts comes to the rescue. Here you will find profitable and interesting offers that you can afford.

The best free services for learning foreign languages

Duolingo – interactive foreign language learning

Learning takes place in the form of a game: here it is necessary to guess the words, perform tasks for time, make sentences of different complexity. Service monitors the quality of information assimilation. It makes a personal program based on the data obtained. The site is free, a paid subscription allows you to remove advertising blocks.

All exercises are designed to make the learning process as efficient as possible. The user sees what he has done correctly, what he needs to learn to improve results.

You can also observe your progress thanks to the motivation system and the gradually increasing complexity of the levels. Studies show that Duolingo really works: 34 hours of classes with the service is equal to a semester of studying a foreign language in college.

BBC. Learning English – foreign language learning

A resource from a well-known TV channel – for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge, raise their level. A huge amount of materials is presented, including Business English. Lots of opportunities for those who want to learn grammar, courses, experimental options, vocabulary, pronunciation, news, business, etc. There are sections for children, teachers, and others.

Academic courses and lectures on the programs of the best universities in the world

Stepik – online learning portal for various disciplines

A cool educational website that offers a lot of courses in such main sections as statistics, mathematics, natural sciences, computer science, humanities, and social sciences. Programs for every taste: programming languages and English for biologists, French and philosophy.

There are also separate topics and lectures on completely unexpected topics. Such as, for example, investment banking from the inside, the basics of clinical use of antibiotics, the basics of statistics, etc. Lots of interesting and informative stuff!

edX – online courses from the World’s Leading Universities

Education programs from institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, etc. A variety of sciences are available for study in English and Spanish.

Academic Earth – lectures from the best universities in the world

The creators of the service organized it based on the idea that every person in the world deserves an opportunity to get a world-class quality education. In 2009, the first selection of free online courses on the programs of the best universities in the world was created. Since then, the portal has been constantly updated with new courses, which are selected manually, following high-quality standards.

Everyone can find something for themselves, whether they want to deepen their knowledge in a certain discipline or learn something from scratch. The site contains lectures from such universities as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, and others.


Pluralsight – programming training in courses of different subjects

The portal offers the following topics: system administration, software development, design, information security, databases, web development. Here you can find gaps in knowledge and fill them in, and then continue learning, monitoring thanks to an advanced system of achievements.
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Codecademy – courses on programming and similar topics

The best learning service in this niche collects interactive courses on topics such as game development, neural networks, web programming, computer modeling, computer science, blockchain, etc. The code can be written directly in the application with verification on remote servers.

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