Top 10 Fast-Growing SaaS Companies To Follow In 2021

Top 10 Successful SaaS Companies Of All Times

by Harikrishna Kundariya — 4 years ago in Top 10 4 min. read

The growth of SaaS or Software as a Service is escalating over the years. It focuses on offering the best software as a service which is beneficial for both the host and publishing company.

SaaS companies help to create, develop, update, and host the products. It manages the immediate service from one central location.

SaaS can distribute and organize data from a browser-accessible on any device. It helps in creating a host that provides support from IT services.

SaaS companies are the constant support for your website in the competitive market. Few companies have stood out from the crowd and accomplished a lot in recent years.

These companies are the biggest, fastest-growing companies of all time. top 10 SaaS companies focus on providing an accessible way to host your business.

Here are some of the top 10 SaaS companies 


Have you ever thought how you are going to use a technology with complicated programming that requires a team of IT to decode a single system? It sounds tough and laborious.

Technology helps in solving sophisticated programming in a simple way. HubSpot was founded in the year 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The web hosting software provides inbound marketing and optimized customer service.

The tools of HubSpot focus on CRM, marketing, SEO content development, social media, content management, and web analytics.

It has one of the best automation marketing tools and designs that bring more visitors to the site. HubSpot is easy to manage and automate workflows.
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Oracle has been leading the SaaS industry for over 40 years. It was founded by Larry Ellison, Bob Minder, and Ed Oates. Technology specializes in cloud computing and enterprise software.

It has been around for a few decades and it has its data management system. The software helps in developing and hosting database software and the cloud engineering system.

Oracle beehive is collaboration software to connect people in a workspace. It offers file sharing, setting meetings, instant messaging, emails, and team calendaring for meeting deadlines.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services have provided secure service of web management for over 14 years.

It is a subsidiary service of Amazon that provides individual APIs and one-cloud computing services to companies.

AWS provides organization tools for database storage, content management, and delivery service and to compute power for running a business.


Google runs internet related services like digital analytics, search engine, online advertising, and more. Google Docs is a good example of a Google SaaS service.

It is free to everyone and you can easily log-in to have access to its spreadsheet application and word processor.

Google has a network that extends all over the globe with ideas that transform organizations and introduce an innovative solution to the world. Google has modern technology that is developing exponentially over the years.

You can scale your business with Google cloud and take benefits of its out of the box ideas with the partner program. It is efficient with a hybrid build-in cloud solution and deployment tools.


Slack offers collaboration of a set of tools on cloud-based service which was founded by Steward Butterfield.

It started from Butterfield’s company, Tiny Speck which eventually grew popular and now serves as Slack. It is popular for logging up the files and processing ideas for future progress.

Slack is a community platform that allows other groups and communities to join through a specific URL.

Using the service of Slack you can connect with others by sending them an invite for SMS like texting from any device. It helps to grow together to build a strong community in IT.
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CA technologies

CA technologies work on creating system software that can run in a cloud computing environment. It was founded by Charles Wang and Russell Artzt and it is one of the largest independent software corporations.

The developers of CA technologies and CEO Michael P. Gregoire are planning to develop the service as a text execution platform


It is the go-to service for eCommerce websites. Shopify is an E-commerce platform for retail and online stores. It has a dedicated support team that provides services to its customer 24×7 over phone, email, or even live chat.

Shopify allows you to provide an online retail web page with phone numbers, email addresses, and contact of online stores.

It uses CRM and web analytics tools to collect contact information. The Shopify users can take help of the information to grow the business.


Microsoft has over 100 clouds to support a variety of software. It includes office, surface, windows, and many more. It has been around for more than a decade and provides a secure web hosting to the users.

Microsoft office allows SaaS which includes emails, team calendaring, and usage of office tools. It offers a pay-as-you-go basis for using cloud service. It allows you to rent  services for using the cloud on apps.

It helps to grow your business with revenue opportunities and it also provides strategies for development. It enhances your visibility to find the right market place for investing and selling to consumers.

It helps in building powerful and intelligent SaaS apps to engage customers. You can migrate your data and infrastructure to cloud solutions. It uses variousSaaS Pricing Models as well.


Intuit is a business and financial software that develops a financial solution, accounting, and tax preparation software. It is a similar service as the accountant does in small scale business.

The software handles miscellaneous works that have to be performed by an accountant to run a business smoothly.

It was founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. This software was originated with a purpose to serve and grow software companies.

It has developed into SaaS for enhancing the service of small scale businesses. It can file taxes and track expenses through the cloud computing service. The main focus of the company is to increase mobile accessibility for better user experience.
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Zoom is a video conferencing platform that offers you to connect with people remotely using cloud-based computing.

It provides a stress-free platform for organizing meetings to connect with others around the globe. Zoom is the leader in leading modern enterprises.

The user can use a video webinar for marketing events and hall meetings. It is supported on Android, iPhone, desktop, iPad, and other devices. It is the support system of next-generation services.

To run a successful business you need to be connected with the people working on it. It is not possible to meet in person for taking views on the on-going work or presentation for ideas. Zoom helps in connecting people for work and helps people to run a business.


Here, we have listed the top 10 SaaS companies of all times that have made a name for themselves. We hope you had a great time reading this article. If you’ve any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask them in the comments section. Thank You.!

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