Artificial Intelligence For People And Business

Artificial Intelligence for People and Business

by Yana Khainiuk — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

There’s no need to be a qualified artificial intelligence expert to understand that AI is the technology that holds center stage in the world of today. We see drastic changes in the way AI-incorporated businesses function and make people get used to the new “smart” order of things.

The list of benefits companies obtain after opening the door for intelligent software is a long one, so why not figure out the ways AI can change the destiny of your business for a brighter one right away?

AI For Business and Life: The Pool of Benefits

Depending on the business field computer vision has various smart options to offer. Whether it is medicine, ecommerce, or finance, there’s always a way to make a company routine more effective and progressive. And this task is for qualified artificial intelligence experts only.

Manual Business Processes Optimization

The amount of data being processed on a daily basis is getting larger and more complex with the growth of customer demand and analytical capability enhancement.

In recent decades, the data type variety has also increased, making it impossible for a human to organize, sort, and navigate through it quickly and effectively. Artificial intelligence is capable of solving data-related business tasks, unburdening company staff from time-consuming monotonous work, and redirecting human resources to more important and intellectual projects like InData Labs involved in.
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Impeccable Security Strategies

Security is the biggest asset and at the same time the Achilles’ heel of any business. Today security comes in two forms: online and offline one. Not surprisingly, AI helps in both cases. Image recognition, being a branch of artificial intelligence, is the main way to protect business and client data from inside and outside security breaches.

IR technology can be incorporated into the company security system and detect unwanted or unknown people trying to enter a building, certain rooms, a desktop, or even a database, just by quick and unmistakable face comparison.

Resources Cost-Reduction

The rise of technology means that fewer people will be needed to perform tasks that can be automated. Manufacturing is the most obvious example of how AI can assist companies in reducing the cost of their products by producing more per unit of time.

Another aspect where computer vision has an impact is defect prevention and work safety supervision. Image recognition allows computers to observe the full production process and detect any irregularities concerning both goods quality and workers’ safety.

Driverless Transportation

Logistics, as an indispensable part of any business, plays a crucial role in maintaining a sustainable supply chain. Delivery of raw materials and goods back and forth sometimes takes both thousands of kilometers and dollars.

Qualified artificial intelligence experts have worked out driverless vehicle technology, based on AI and computer vision, and able to make logistics more organized and cost-effective. Needless to say that even without a driver there will have to be an operator for tracking cargoes and resolving transport issues, and it will certainly take some years to see trucks driving on their own, but a beginning has been already made.
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Predictive Business Data Analysis

We’ve already pointed out the benefits AI brings when business data need to be optimized. Predictive data analysis makes a step further and offers various strategies to make the most out of data that comes into your hands.

The option is particularly advantageous for ecommerce ventures, as trend detection, customer behavior, purchasing statistics and prediction, supply chain maintenance, and income forecasting are within AI’s “jurisdiction”.

The predictive analysis makes businesses sure about the following day and eventually ensures their long-term wellbeing based on the information humans can’t interpret as well and quickly as machines can.

Safe Data and Money Transition

One more aspect AI can enhance is data and money transition. Safety is the main parameter for modern customers to make a choice between hundreds of similar-field companies. But even if everything is secure on the inside, the majority of breach cases occur when data is being transported from one place to another because open space used to be quite complicated to protect.

Today AI software vendors create and sell ready-to-implement strategies that include preventive fraud analysis, smart user activity monitoring, and auto-emergency answer before a real breach takes place.
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The Final Thought

Qualified artificial intelligence experts say that there’s no other technology that would benefit such an unlimited number of businesses, despite their size and specialization.

Artificial intelligence, despite all the rumors, was not designed to replace humans but to assist them in making our environment safe and convenient, revolutionize the job market and spare a substantial proportion of people from heavy or monotonous and non-developmental work duties.

We’ve covered only a small portion of the advantages that AI offers to businesses today, but even those are impressive enough to consider trying to incorporate it into your business routine.

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