60+ ChatGPT Prompts You Should Know & Use In 2023

60+ ChatGPT Prompts You Should Know & Use In 2023

by Micah James — 9 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 11 min. read

ChatGPT prompts are killing and timesaver!

Want to know some chatgpt prompts for your work?

Here’s a comprehensive collection of the best chatgpt prompts (100% tested and tried) for everyone.

These gpt prompts are genuinely for everyone!

For bloggers, email marketers, youtubers, managers, data scientists, customer services, job-seekers, eCommerce marketers, Teachers, and Content Creation, indeed.

About ChatGPT


ChatGPT is a conversational AI bot created by the OpenAI community under the direction of Sam Altman which is profoundly known to generate human-like conversations.

It is popular because it understands natural language and responds to the query with relevant and accurate responses.

Since GPT 4, the model gets stronger and more accurate that breaks down many records in a counter.

You may also know about Alphabet losing $100 million due to an incorrect answer provided by BARD AI on the first-day of the event.

This interprets that the WAR of AI Search has truly begun!

Also read: Bard A.I. vs ChatGPT: Everything We Have Known So Far!

Benefits Of Using ChatGPT Prompts

Continuing our story, learn why you should be using gpt prompts for your everyday tasks.

What are the potential benefits of using chat gpt prompts?

Well, here are potential reasons that I presume as benefits for chatgpt users.

  • Users can create highly personalized conversations which means tailored to create more personalized responses.
  • It helps models to learn more about queries with variations and improve their responses, so users get precise and relevant data continuously.
  • It helps non-professionals with easy interaction and a user-friendly way to communicate with the model.

A List Of Helpful & Amazing ChatGPT Prompts

[Time to eat the cake!] Delve into amazing chatgpt prompts you can copy and paste in the dialog box of ChatGPT.

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Writing


Writing is creative and it requires creativity to produce unique content. If you’re a ghostwriter or a blogger you might be familiar with how important content quality is for the audience.

Relevant and accurate information must be given in order to develop engagement in some form that benefits the agenda or purpose.

With chatgpt prompts for content writing, writers can quickly create impressive, unique, and human-friendly content.

Chatgpt prompts for writers:

1. I’ll give you text. You’ll rewrite it and output it longer to be more than twice the number of characters of the original text. Keep the meaning the same. Only give me the output and nothing else. “[Enter your text]”

2. Act as a content writer. Keep the tone professional as my audience are professional business people. Draft a long blog post on the “[Title]” with outlines, conclusion, and FAQs.

3. Title is “Enter Blog Title”. Please ask me all of the questions you need to help me write this article. Do not start writing yet,” and “Do you understand?

4. I am writing a blog post titled “[Enter Title]”. I am confused about what keywords to use. Help me! What keywords should I use in this content?

5. Write 10 alternative titles for [Keyword]

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Marketing


You can use ChatGPT for most of your marketing purposes.

Whether constraints related to increasing a view on social media or wanting some hacks for getting better results. These marketing prompts would help you get started better.

Chatgpt prompts for marketers:

1. How can I, as a digital marketer, best use social media to increase engagement such as likes, views, and reach?

2. I am new to social media and don’t know much about it. How do I respond to a negative review that is people writing about my products on Instagram?

3. I am planning to run a giveaway on Facebook to generate leads for my home decor business which deals entirely in online things. What steps can I take to make that happen, successfully?

4. I run a small florist shop. I have recently designed a website, for which I consider digital marketing for promotion and ranking purposes. Offer me a list of informational, long-tail keywords that I can use to ideate blog posts.

5. Suggest me a methods so I can obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of “[Website name]”

Best Blogging Prompts For ChatGPT


Blogging is a great way to invite potential traffic to your website and credibility, indeed.

It generally involves the creation of long blog posts with SEO-optimization parameters and a user-friendly reading manner.

If you’re a blogger looking to share an inspirational story as per the aforementioned condition, you could use the following chatgpt prompts for blog post writing.

Chatgpt prompts for bloggers:

1. Write a fully SEO-optimize blog titled “[Enter title]” Write it in a “[ specify tone]” tone. Do use of transition words. Use plain text. Do not use HTML code. Write it nearly to 1200 words and include the following keywords: “[keywords]”. In the end, draft a conclusion with a good slug for this post and a meta description not more than 160 characters.

2. Generate an Article outline for the following topic: “[Title]” The outline should contain various subheadings and include the starting sentence for each section.

3. Analyze this text for plagiarism and report any issues found: “{your text here}”

4. Generate a list of top trending blog topics in “[specify industry]” in the last “[specify time frame, e.g 3 months]”

5. Identify the most popular keywords and phrases for SEO in the “[your niche or industry]” domain.

Best ChatGPT Prompts For YouTube Scripts


Did you know ChatGPT can unlock growth for your YouTube channel and each video you upload?

Think this way! What if you ask Chatgpt to draft a good video title and description with tags?

Isn’t it would be wonderful…!

Here’s some of the best chatgpt prompts for youtubers:

1. Generate a list of unique and creative plus inspiring video titles for “[Mention Topic]”

2. Give me a well-structured and well-written youtube video script on the “[Mention title here]” title.

3. Write a well-written youtube video script on the “[Mention title here]” title. In the end, do mention relevant tags.

4. Suggest me multiple ideas for YouTube thumbnail that stand out of the “[topic]”

5. Can you draft a YouTube ad script that will engage my users with a unique and compelling perspective on “[subject]” and make them take “[desired action]” on my [website/product].

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Business


Businesses have no escape forward from the ChatGPT model.

Irrespective of different departments, it can help different working managers and workforce.

Here’s a jiffy of chatgpt prompts for business:

1. Need your help? Study the top three competitors in the “[industry]” and suggest fail proof unique selling points for a new business.

2. Design a professional invoice template for a “[specify industry] business.

3. Write a professional and grammar-free email introducing my new business to potential clients.

4. Our startup, DogTunes, aims to disburse a unique product to a “[niche market]” by selling tracks and music specifically tailored to dogs. Can you suggest some good domain names?

5. Need your help? “[Enter your case/query]” Suggest me solutions straightforwardly.

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Web Development


With the ChatGPT 4 model, web developers can easily develop, identify errors, and improve efficiency in a jiffy.

You could test code for errors, get a fresh code for an entire web design, or docstring the functions you want.

Here’s what more you can do with chatgpt prompts for web development:

1. Help me find mistakes in the following code . If there is any error, correct it.

2. Find the bug with this code: .

3. Convert the below code snippet from [language/ framework] to [language/ framework]: [code snippet]

4. Write a shell command to [requirement]

5. Contrast the design and architecture with [comma-separated list of technologies] as the technology stack.

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Education


Teaching is no exception from the GPT verge. Regardless being teacher and student, certain chatgpt prompts can be used by both.

Students can take help from the following prompts to get answers to their questions or quizzes. Teachers, on the other hand, can use it for various findings, research, and for easy learning.

Here’s some of the best chatgpt prompts for teachers and students:

1. Describe in detail.

2. Explain to me the and give me a quiz at the end without an answer and then tell me if I answered correctly.

3. Generate a list of actionable steps that a student can take to improve their studies and performance in [subject/task]

4. Draft a lesson outline/summary for a lesson on “[enter your lesson or concept]” that includes learning objectives, creative activities, and success criteria.

5. Answer about “[enter your query here]”

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Music


You may be surprised to know that you could create plagiarism-free lyrics, poems, and songs or guides about how to, when, and why while learning music through chatgpt prompts.

You could use it as a weapon to write the lyrics to a song that you loved, a 12-bar blues chord, encode the melody to musicXML and much more.

Here’s some examples of Chatgpt prompts for music:

1. Write the lyrics to a song titled “[Title of the song]”

2. I am looking forward to creating a music video, but not sure about what concept to use. Can you help me come up with a concept?

3. How would you encode the melody to “” as MusicXML?

4. Recreate the following chord progression to make it more like :

5. Create a song in the pentatonic scale and 4/4 time to the

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Midjourney AI


This is very popular and in much demand.

‘AI art is incredible’ is what I felt and believed. Software(s) such as; DALLE and Adobe’s Generative AI feature lets you create AI art using text and concept.

Other than this, Midjourney AI is getting a lot of heat these days.

If you’re looking examples for Midjourney AI art, here’s some you can try:

1. Need help! Idea me some unique prompt for Midjourney.

2. I give a prompt. Read it carefully and correct it if it is grammatically wrong. “[Enter your prompt here]” I need it for Midjourney AI Art.

3. Here’s a prompt: “a diner against a vibrant California sunset with a vintage car parked in front –ar 16:9 –v 5 –no grass” I required it for Midjourney

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Food and Cooking


Chatgpt can provide you with a detailed and easy-to-understand recipe for your weekend or any day you wish.

You can expect to solve a situation/ get an answer while cooking. Using ChatGPT for mobile or desktop applications, you can run certain prompts to learn about food and cooking from an AI bot.

Examples of ChatGPT prompts for food and cooking:

1. Generate a meal plan for two days and give me the shopping list.

2. Assist me plan a week’s worth of dinner for two adults.

3. Need help! I am a vegan and I am looking for healthy dinner ideas.

4. I have a few potatoes, tomatoes, and broccoli. What can I prepare with them for “[define your daytime; for e.g., afternoon lunch]”

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Resume


Happily, students or job-seekers can use chatgpt for resume design. I mean will not provide you the final print output, but it could wisely assist you in content, template, and suggestions.

Here’s some chatgpt prompts for your resume:

1. Need help! Give me some professional template examples for my resume.

2. Please review my resume and suggest any improvements or edits.

3. Create a thank you email template to send after the interview.

4. I am stuck at writing my career objective in my resume. Can you help me in writing a good one? Ask me for the information you require.

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Email Campaigns


Digital marketers or email managers can enhance the success of their campaign trials through chatgpt assistance.

ChatGPT for email marketing could help solve complex situations in an easy way. It could also create a complete email campaign content with personalized agenda and more.

Use the following chatgpt prompts for email campaign:

1. Translate this email into “[specify your language].

2. Give me multiple, attractive subject lines for my “[niche]” newsletter.

3. How can I use A/B testing to find out the best time to send my emails?

4. Read the newsletter below, improve its grammar, structure, and tone. Keep the length of the email newsletter within 150 words.

5. Need help! How to create an effective email campaign?

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Customer Service


Indeed, client handling is tough work for customer representatives. Empathy, satisfaction, and first-call resolution are important aspects in this category.

Customer service or their manager can ask chatgpt for various helpful prompts to aid their operation effectively.

Well, here are some suggestions for them:

1. Please provide 10 example phrases that customer service representatives can use to display empathy to a customer who had a negative experience.

2. Need help! Analyze the customer sentiment based on the given input “[Input the message]” and also provide me suggestions for tackling the issue.

3. Here’s a situation. You are an angry customer with a faulty router and now wants a refund. Assume that I am your customer support agent. After our conversation ends, please rate my performance in resolving your issue. Have you understood?

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Data Science


Using chatgpt, data scientists can cut large amounts of time on miscellaneous operations and may focus on more critical tasks.

They could use it as an assistant, answer accurately in a meaningful manner.

Here’s more manner to use chatgpt prompts for data science:

1. I want you to act as a data scientist and code for me. I have a dataset of “[describe dataset]”. Please build a machine learning model that predicts “[target variable]”.

2. Please write me a regex in python that “[describe regex]”

3. Need help! I have a time series dataset [describe dataset]. Please build a machine learning model that predicts [target variable].

Best ChatGPT Prompts For E-commerce


Managing an eCommerce website is a tough job as there are a myriad of elements to be examined and followed timely.

Homepage design and contents, product pages structure and content placement, meta tags and description optimization, backend code optimization and much more can be easily done through ChatGPT.

Following are some chatGPT prompts for eCommerce marketers:

1. Act as an ecommerce merchandising specialist and write a product title for “[your product]” from “[brand]”, a “[industry]” brand.

2. Think like an e-commerce legal expert and draft a detailed privacy for “[your website name]”

3. Write a JavaScript for Google Tag Manager that sends a Facebook Custom Conversion event when a callback button is clicked.

4. Think like an e-commerce expert and draft 20 frequently asked questions for “[your website name and URL]”

That’s all in this blog. Share your thoughts in the comment! 

Frequently Asked Questions About ChatGPT Prompts

What are chatgpt prompts?

ChatGPT prompt is a statement made by users that could be more like a command given to a revolutionary AI chatbot developed by OpenAI.

What is the benefit of ChatGPT prompts?

The primitive benefit of using chatgpt prompt is that individuals can get personalized responses and accurate answers of those being asked.

What is the maximum prompt in ChatGPT?

You could ask the chatgpt prompt of maximum character limit for each input is 4096 characters.

How to best use the chat gpt prompt?

Certainly the best way to use the chatgpt prompts is by providing a clear and complete command. Look at the best chatgpt prompts in this blog.

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