How Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate The Technology

How Artificial Intelligence will Dominate the Technology

by Gulam Mustafa Raza — 4 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates Says,” The Power of Artificial Intelligence is so Incredible that it can change our society very deeply.”

Now before coming to the point, Let’s discuss about the basics about Artificial Intelligence in short.

Artificial Intelligence is not a very old Technology, it was invented by John McCarthy in 1995. It can be also called a “science of making technology.” Technology and AI are very closely related, we can not separate them because both of them power each other’s ability which gives a complete output. Now in 2020 the AI is very much developed, everything we see or use in the electronics includes the presence of AI more or less. So, one can not ignore the necessity of AI completely.

Now before coming towards the main point let’s discuss the presence of AI around us and also the propagation of AI rich devices.

How much is the Reach of AI Technology?

Very far! This word is enough to describe the reach of AI. Nowadays everything we look from very minor to very major devices, there is presence of AI. This can be best explained by the websites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, YouTube etc. This all website uses AI to recognize the user’s behaviour with the website, this enables the website to deliver the right kind of stuff, for which the user is staying there. Also, today we can see the large amount of adaptation of AI in the Smartphone cameras and processors which are just making their capabilities Awesome.

AI the Impact?

Each and every Technology which is Introduced has a specific kind of impact on humans. The instant effect is generally positive but some effect can be dangerous. Let’s understand this with an example : The impressive invention and development of Robotics has made our work very easy, mostly in the fields of engineering, Manufacturing and Automobile Industries. This has made our work more fine and clear with the involvement of very little effort and time. On the other hand, this development has also taken the employment from the humans, According to Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) more than 66 million jobs have been automated due to the large scale adaptation of AI technology and Robotics and within the upcoming 10-15 years they will capture more than 70% areas of the human race.

According to me the AI is not only taking up job vacancy from one side but also opening the complex sectors for the involvement of Humans in the Development of other such powerful technologies. The highly complex R&D plays an important role in this field.
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What is the reason for Such a Kind Of Instant and Powerful Dominance of Artificial Intelligence?

If we see the present development of AI then, one can imagine the difference in the last 5 to 8 years. Within a few decades of discovery and development the Artificial Intelligence had become the Most Adopted Technology to build up the new upcoming Modern Technologies. It has became a source of development of modern equipment’s.

Today time is very important, and every person wants fast work in  minimum time. This makes the replication in work easier and the workload is gradually decreased, and at this case the use of AI is proved to be more successful because it can perform all those work without any human help and also the work performed by using such Technology makes it accurate and Perfect.

So. we can say that the domination of Artificial Intelligence is due to Human needs and it will continue to dominate the future also. It is also opening the source of employment of humans for the development of more such technologies. But we should always take care while handling such a powerful thing because they perform the task as we order and once they lose their capability to accept commands correctly,  they may not perform the task as we want, that can be harmful too! not today but maybe in future.

Due to the Artificial Intelligence only, it is now possible to drive Cars without the driver, to launch various Space Program’s without much difficulties and also AI is helping a lot in making our Daily life easy i.e The Google Home and Amazon Alexa are some common examples.

Gulam Mustafa Raza

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