How To Hire AI Developers For Your Projects

How to Hire AI developers for your Projects

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 2 min. read

The popularity of artificial intelligence technologies is growing every year. Today this market is estimated at $ 15 million, and by 2020 this figure may exceed $ 70 million ; sports apparel and accessories company Under Armor is using IBM Watson in its MyFitnessPal sports app to enable its users to get a more detailed assessment of their physical condition.

For developers, artificial intelligence (aka AI) opens up great opportunities and prospects. However, to master new technologies, creativity and attention to detail alone will not be enough – certain knowledge and skills will be required.

AI is a powerful design tool

Experienced developers know that in order to satisfy the desires of users, it is necessary to study human behavior. However, solutions created by designers may be ideal only for a limited category of people and at certain periods of time. Artificial intelligence technologies can radically change this situation.

AI allows you to anticipate and meet the needs of different users.

Imagine a bathroom mirror that dims according to stress levels, or an educational robot that adjusts a child’s curriculum for sustained attention and frustration. Artificial intelligence is able to provide the best experience for every user.
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The scope of AI

Artificial intelligence is gradually entering all branches of human activity, making conventional software systems intelligent:

  • Medicine and healthcare. Computer systems keep records of patients, help in decoding diagnostic results. For example, images of ultrasound, X-ray, tomograph and other medical equipment.
  • Online retail sales. Many people are already familiar with relevant ads from Google and Yandex. With its help, retailers offer goods and services in accordance with the interests of the user.
  • Intelligent machines helped Barack Obama win the second presidential election. For his campaign, the then-incumbent President of the United States hired the best team of data science professionals. They used the power of intelligent machines to figure out the best day, state, and audience for Obama to speak. According to experts, this gave an advantage of 10-12%.
  • Artificial intelligence can analyze data from different production areas and regulate the load on equipment. In addition, intelligent machines are used to predict demand in various industries.
  • Game industry, education. Artificial intelligence is actively used by game creators. Smart machines and robotics are gradually being introduced into the educational processes of most states.
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The demand for hiring AI developers in the market

Data Scientists, Machine Learning Developers, Research Scientists, and other AI jobs are among the most sought after positions in the market, according to TechRepublic analysis.

To hire AI developers is a trend now. This trend towards hiring artificial intelligence experts will continue for years to come. There are many good reasons for such a growing demand for AI development teams in the market. The top reasons to hire AI engineers are listed below.

The amount of big data is exponentially increasing and requires a lot of software tools to process it. So the demand for AI developers will remain unchanged for many years.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely adopted in all areas of business and industries that require a variety of software tools for process management.

In recent years, the automation industry has made great leaps forward, requiring sophisticated software platforms and artificial intelligence tools to develop artificial intelligence projects; so this is where AI software developers are needed again.

AI-powered applications for entertainment and games are another important driver for AI developers to enter the market.

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