What Is Freely TV App Owned By BBC And ITV? (Explained)

What Is Freely? A TV Streaming Platform Backed By BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5

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Know everything about the UK’s new streaming service backed by BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5. Freely TV app is a streaming platform that offers live TV content from 4 UK television sources and VOD content with exciting features.


  • Freely TV app is coming in the next few months.
  • Reportedly, the freely tv app launch date is set for Q2 2024.
  • The streaming service will consist of 50% live TV and 50% on-demand streaming.

Freely TV is a newfangled british-rich streaming platform and will be one-of-a-kind streaming service that will replace conventional terrestrial television dynamics by offering free live-to-air content needlessly considering aerial or satellite dish.

Simply put, freely tv app will blur the lines between traditional TV and online entertainment by delivering haptic live TV and on-demand content across BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

You may have many questions in your mind regarding free tv app streaming including where to watch, how to access, and how much to pay for freely.

You will get all the necessary details on this page. Stick to my blog and read till the end.

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What Is Freely TV App?

What is freely tv app
What is freely tv app

Freely TV is a streaming platform that offers live TV content from 4 UK television sources and also on-demand content, easily accessible all from one place including a MiniGuide, work as manual for beginners.

Watchers can expect to access multiple channels of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 all from one interface. This eliminates the wait or worry to consume and being aware of the latest news happening around the globe without a delay.

Release Date Set between April & May
Owned By European TV manufacturer
Top Broadcasters BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5
Special Features MiniGuide, TVGuide, and Browse
Pricing Model Not Disclosed
Region Availability UK (officially)

What’s The Reason Behind The Launch Of Freely TV?

Freely TV app streaming service is launched by the possessor of Everyone TV which is a British television communications company owned by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

The service is introduced to allow viewers to grab live news, live interviews, documentary information and more at one place, all for free.

Everyone TV says the service is set to launch for Q2 2024 which means we can expect to experience Freely between April and June on our smart TV.

Being said smart TV, all the android-based Television that operates on smart digital connectivity resources will be able to run Freely TV streaming for users.

How To Access Freely Platform Easily?

Considering the earlier services of Everyone TV such as Freeview which is accessible via app on the TV. Might be it happening with Freely TV.

However, there is no official disclosure about the accessible via as an app on device yet.

But we can conclude one thing is that the content would be streamed via the internet and Wi-Fi, instead of an aerial, satellite, or cable.

So, this gives us a clear and better picture that Freely would be available to access as an app on our TV.

Here are two things to ensure to access freely tv error-free. Those are:

  • Ensure you have a smart TV in your home, working fine.
  • Secure stable and high-speed internet Wi-Fi.

So, now just wait for the platform to be released.

What Can You Watch On Freely?

Streaming service on freely tv app platform
Streaming service on freely tv app platform

Now that you have come to know much about freely tv, you might be tempted to know about the channels and content that it may bring with it.

With a fluid and haptic user-interface, viewers are entitled to stream live TV shows as well as VOD content at a glance.

Live TV, being said that viewers can expect to experience BBC bundle channel, ITV featured rich content, channel 4 and channel 5 content without a need of switching to a different channel.

Here’s a full list of channels that would be perch on Freely, but yet not confirmed:

BBC Three BBC Four
CBeebies BBC News Channel
BBC Parliament ITV1
Channel 4 More4
E4 E4 Extra
4seven Channel 5

At the heart of Freely TV; BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are the main broadcasts to be expected.


What Are The Benefits Of Freely TV App?

As we know that freely tv is internet-based live TV which has a number of advantages in itself.

Starting with a limitless number of channels where you can watch and stream several broadcast content including live TV from BBC, ITV, and more.

Secondly, MiniGuide introduced a new feature to the free tv app which will appear as a pop-up interface on each channel, as reported by the EveryoneTV press release. This feature brings seamless browsing experience in a manner by helping users to easily discover related live or VOD content at a glance.

Users can use this feature to take advantage of things such as restart, pause, and switch to more channels from live TV.

Another benefit from freely tv streaming accumulates from its TV guide feature. It would basically be a 7-day guide providing insights and relevant information related to live tv content. With tv guide, users can sneak into on demand content linked to the live tv shows.

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How Much To Pay For A New TV Streaming Platform Freely?

Officially, its pricing isn’t released yet. But rumours suggest that freely tv app is free to access like Freeview streaming and would be built on top of it.

According to a Mashable article on ‘freely” suggests that this streaming platform will not be entirely “free” because viewers still have to pay the UK’s required £159 annual TV licence fee.

Will It Replace iPlayer & ITVX, For Example?

BBC iPlayer and ITVX
BBC iPlayer and ITVX

Not sure because both iPlayer and ITVX has catered populous number of UK’s audience through their one-of-a-kind services.

And with “freely tv” thing, it won’t replace iPlayer & ITVX but, for sure, reduced the number of viewers after its launch. That’s what we believe.

iPlayer, owned by BBC community, is a video on demand service offered to UK-based viewers with no commercial advertising across mobile phones and tablets, personal computers and smart televisions.

ITVX, on the other hand, works similar as BBC’s iPlayer but operated by ITV and offers original content from the broadcaster including most of licensed programming.

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Where Can You Buy A Freely TV Or Box?

At this moment, nothing showed up as official talk of Freely being launched as a set top box that you can plug into your running TV in your home.

Based on the report, Hisense, Toshiba, Bush, and JVC are the major players that have confirmed they’ll start including Freely in their kit.

Having said that, these companies may witness an increased sales due to the hype of freely tv app which is good news for companies.

Summing Up: Is Freely TV App Good?

Well, it is vogue to say that freely tv either be good or bad because it hasn’t been released yet. But we can expect good things in general.

The configurations and features we heard are not completely to be believed. Whatsoever, Freely TV app will surely incubate an unfolded experience for users.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Freely App

Who can access freely, the new live tv streaming service?

The UK users are entitled to access freely tv apps on their smart TV. The release date is for somewhere between April and May.

Can I stream movies on freely tv app?

As of now, it's confirmed that the TV app will freely host live TV content as well as VOD content from broadcasters they signed off.

Can I access freely tv streaming services on my iPhone?

Officially, the streaming service is only available on smart TV. But in the future it may be released for hand devices.

Is freely tv better than pluto tv?

Pluto TV is designed and used for different perspectives as compared to freely tv. Both are good in their respective arenas.

What is the subscription price of freely tv?What is the subscription price of freely tv?

The freely tv app price is not disclosed officially by the community. But rumours say it will be accessible free of cost.

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