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Is Big Data and AI the Future of Customer Experience?

Is Big Data and AI the Future of Customer Experience?

by Alex Hales — 1 month ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

There is no doubt that we live in an era where technology is advancing at a humongous rate, making our daily lives simpler through the help of innovations.

To meet evolving market demands and customers’ needs, every business needs to keep adopting new technologies in their business processes.

Customers are still the king, which means, providing a better customer experience is a turning point for businesses. One such trending technology is Big Data that has not just transformed the lives of people but has also changed all business practices and operations.

Customers today want personalization and quick access to information like never before! Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, etc. have taken the customer service experience to new heights.

Many Big Data Solutions Providers are enabling organizations to integrate analytical capabilities into their decision-making processes and extract deep insights to make strategic business moves. Let’s find out how Big Data and AI will transform the future of customer experience!

Transforming Customer Experience with AI & Big Data

Research by Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 80% of customer interactions will be handled without a human! This clearly shows how changing technologies have brought significant transformations in customer care departments of various business firms.

Keeping updated with these technologies is essential as customer experience has become an important part of every business domain. With the unprecedented rise of data every year, businesses need to handle increasing customer expectations.

As the complexity of data increases in multiple sub-domains of organizations like customer support, account management, billing, payments, reviews, etc., implementing technologies like Big Data and AI are needed.

The huge amount of data generated in an organization is of no value if they are not examined and analyzed to understand your customers properly.

To provide customer-centric solutions, automation strategies are needed to improve and boost customer experience, which is possible through the help of robust technologies like AI and Big Data.

Top Ways How AI and Big Data Can Boost Customer Experience

The customer experience acts as a competitive differentiator and driving force for the success of any business. Let’s see how businesses can create meaningful opportunities through AI and Big Data and deliver improved customer engagement and conversations.

· Custom Services with Predictive Analysis

Understand your customer’s attitude towards your new products or services through the help of AI-powered predictive analysis enabling marketers and business owners to build custom services that customers would love.

It not only helps to optimize and automate decisions to meet business goals but also improves the customer experience tremendously.

This can be done by analyzing customers’ actions through their past behaviors, shopping reviews, online sessions, etc. and making the correct modifications as per their requirements.

· AI-enabled Analytics for Better Opportunities

Collecting customer data and feeding the information to the CRM and marketing automation will help organizations to better understand their customers’ needs and fasten the decision-making process.

Every customer data is priceless and it is important to analyze them with AI-based analytics tools like Machine Learning, face, or test analysis to know what customers are looking for and give responses instantly with delay.

· Sentiment Analysis for Better Experience

Ability to know your customer’s feelings through the engagement of visual, voice and text helps in understanding their emotions towards the services and products offered by an organization.

Whether it’s about analyzing text in bot conversations or vocal cords/modulations in the calls through voice biometrics, it is necessary to understand the customer’s feelings using AI algorithms.

Tracing communication & finding out the satisfaction level enables businesses to deliver better experience raising the lifetime value of customers, thereby increasing the profit rate.

· 24/7 Available & Robust Customer Support

Customers today want their queries to be resolved instantly without the need of transferring calls to customer agents. There is no better way than using AI chatbot that can answer thousands of queries simultaneously without human intervention.

For any information regarding new product launch or services, customers can get their common questions resolved in and out in a jiffy, leading to more advanced customer support with lower cost and guaranteed happy customers.

· Product Recommendations for Customers

Providing recommendations customized for the customers will keep them engaged leading towards the successful purchase of the products. Shopping experiences will be made swift and easy if the context of the user search and transaction can be easily built.

Using AI technologies can help in leveraging search history, location, time, etc. to figure out what customers may look for and suggest recommendations with a personalized touch.

This will help in delivering exceptional customer experience and prevent any customer dissatisfaction.

· Data-Driven Insights and Decisions

No data in an organization is good enough if it cannot be analyzed and extracted to get actionable insights that can help in boosting the right decision making.

Using technologies like Big Data will aid organizations to collect, organize, analyze, and extract valuable information from a huge amount of structured and unstructured data generated every day from different sources.

This data will help in identifying new trends or evolving expectations of the market and fulfilling their demands to enhance their business brand’s experience.

Closing Statement

The advanced technologies like Big Data & Artificial Intelligence have proven to be one of the best ways to help companies across several industries transform the customer experience.

If you are still thinking whether to incorporate these innovations in your business ventures, it’s time to deliver a personalized experience to your customers leveraging the power of Big Data by extracting insights from customer data.

Get in touch with the expert developers of the leading AI Chatbot Development Company to start making data-driven decisions and providing customized customer experiences.

Alex Hales

Alex Hales, Business Analyst in California. I am a Technical Writer and generally jot down about the latest trends and market research about recent trending technologies. Apart from writing, I always enjoy reading books, traveling, and discussion on technology. Follow me on medium.com to get up to date with latest technology. https://newsideology.com/author/alexhales/

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