Top 10 Medical Robotics Device Companies

Top 10 Medical Robotics Device Companies

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

The healthcare industry faces a modern infrastructure made up of medical robotics companies

Robotics can be described as a broad concept that spans the entire planet. Robotics is a mixture of applied science, engineering, and computer science. Robotics is a key area of growth in the healthcare sector, which is one of the most lucrative industries.

Medical robotics companies have gained a lot of trusts and are growing rapidly. Medical robotics technology includes software and hardware that is AI-powered, as well as applications that are both physical and virtual.

Medical robotics can be found in many areas of healthcare, including surgery, medicine, and nursing. They also provide consultations and diagnoses.

The creation of medical robots was possible thanks to computerized medical assistance. These robotics are powered by deep databases and artificial intelligence. They have made it possible to control delicate and routine human labor in an efficient way.

Top 10 Medical Robotics Device Companies

With their innovative efforts and amenities, renowned medical robots companies have elevated healthcare.

Energid Technologies

Actin is their flagship medical robot that they developed. It is highly regarded around the globe. Energid’s Actin, one of their most important products, has remote capabilities and multi-robotics systems. Actin’s healthcare capabilities include surgical operations, the avoidance of device malfunctions, forgetfulness, and healthcare communications.

Medtronics Plc

American-Irish medical equipment company that specializes in insulin pumps and pacemakers. Medtronics also offers therapeutic devices.

Medtronics is particularly concerned with segments such as minimally invasive treatments, cardiac-vascular, restorative therapy, and Diabetes. These areas are where the most innovative robotic equipment is developed.
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Stryker Corporation

Stryker Corporation, based in America, has robotics technology that allows for the creation of a wide range of medical equipment. This multinational company is part of a global network that includes other health tech companies around the globe.

This medical robotics company produces surgical devices that can be used to monitor, heal, implant, communicate, and navigate. Stryker is a well-known company for business-to-business sales and marketing.

Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics has automated exoskeletons that allow for advanced recovery of stillness for patients who have experienced unfortunate circumstances such as paralysis or immobilization. This device is a key component of the company’s medical robotics business.

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet, a publicly-traded company, is responsible for the manufacturing and development of intelligent aluminum splints. Zimmer Biomet is a medical robotics company specialist in prostheses. It has a strong background in the hip, knee, elbow, ankle, and other bones that are affected by impairment.

Intuitive Surgery

Intuitive Surgical is a well-known medical robotics company that manufactures the Da Vinci surgical robot. It is widely recognized for its artificially intelligent function. The surgeon can give the system commands to perform the surgery based on the algorithms. This equipment is used for prostatectomy, gynecology, and repair of the cardiac valves.
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Hansen Medical

Medical robotics company based in California that specializes in catheter-related devices. Hansen medical regulations developed catheters with the aid of computerized commands. This technology makes it easier to place and settle.

Diligent Robotics

Moxi is a medical robotics company that delivers hospital supplies to different dormitories. Moxi, who intelligently mimics nurses and sisters, has this function. This allows the nursing team more time to focus on patient care than logistics.

Barrett Technology

Barrett Technology is a specialist in robotic arms. Guinness has named Barrett Technology as a world record holder for its advanced manipulator technology. Robotic arms are known for their flexibility and efficiency. There are however rumors that they may be pursuing medical robotics.
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Mazor Robotics

Mazor Robotics has revolutionized spine surgery with its guidance system. This ensures that surgeons can safely perform the surgery and minimizes complications. This system has the exceptional ability to speed up patient recovery. They merged with Medtronics Plc to continue their legacy in medical robotics.

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