Blockchain Boom - Supercharge Your Tech And UX Skills Today

Blockchain Boom – Supercharge Your Tech and UX Skills Today

by Niti Sharma — 5 years ago in Blockchain Technology 3 min. read

The winds of change in the blockchain revolution have begun.

The hysterical moment of blockchain settled down as buzzwords like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin eased out of the headlines. That is, until recently…

In a recent headline about a trade war with China, a land-grabbing situation in the blockchain world is on the rise. Not only companies but even stakeholders are using blockchain technology to boost their business growth, cut costs, and improve margins for their businesses.

Major giant companies like UnitedHealth, BMW, and Walmart have started using blockchain to cater to their needs. To be precise, blockchain technology is more than just a concept – there are already real-world existing applications of this groundbreaking technology that is transforming industries worldwide.

Having said that, multiple industries have fallen apart. The ones that survived the change were industries that could smartly adapt to these technology upgrades.

The big revolution has just begun.

Blockchain UX

Earlier the only thing that this technology spoke about was building the underlying infrastructure or it was either about protocols. And the industry has also been under criticism for not being able to deliver the services it was supposed to be able to do.

But today, the focus has directly shifted to design and the user experience. Every technology professional must divert their focus on making the interface much nicer and create tools for individuals to use on a daily basis.

Ben Schiller, managing editor CoinDesk points to Lolli, a rewards platform that gives users Bitcoin when they shop at various online stores – to be a great example of a user-friendly product in 2019.

He also says, “someone who could build a system like that would be in high demand.”

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In-demand for technologists

There has been some infrastructure that is now built out since the cryptocurrency boom in 2017. This construction has led to a higher demand for professionals having the right set of skills, especially in the blockchain industry.

Due to a shortage of talent, there is still a growing demand for blockchain developers and blockchain specialists.

Blockchain professionals with relevant skills are bound to earn better than the other developers since their skills are short is supply.

With the growing demand for blockchain skills, getting validated proof of skills through blockchain certification is an added advantage for tech professionals.

Blockchain mindset

According to Jessy Irwin, Head of Security at Tendermint says, job hunters in the blockchain technology market require to have the capability of pushing their ideas into execution. More than ever, employers are in search for talent with experience in delivering and shipping product-ready code along with applications.

Decentralized finance

Over the few years, we’ve seen the cryptocurrency moving beyond Bitcoin focus to “altcoin” focus, having Ethereum as the major front. But beyond this, the biggest trend in Ethereum will be the explosion in decentralized finance or perhaps Defi.

Smart contracts are now being designed to give users control over contractual ownership or the right to do something with the involvement of other tokens. Earlier they were only used for launching new tokens that were disconnected from the rest of the system.

The coolest trend we’re seeing right now is that these smart contracts have become interoperable because they’re open-source and they’re on the blockchain.

As the blockchain industry continues to see a wider expansion, it is critical that industries need to adapt to changes.

There will be a huge impact on almost every industry out there. In fact, it is said there will be several companies that will stand to make monster gains while others might eventually be a flash in the pan.

Stay adept and prep up for jobs of the future.

Niti Sharma

Niti Sharma is a professional writer, a blogger who writes for a variety of online publications. She is also an acclaimed blogger outreach expert and content marketer. She loves writing blogs and promoting websites related to technology sectors.

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