How Blockchain Can Be Used In IoT

How Blockchain can be Used in IoT

by Celine anderson — 4 years ago in Blockchain Technology < 1 min. read

Blockchain – The modern ledger technology that creates a huge impact on many industries, business platforms, applications, more and more.

What is the Blockchain Development?

IoT – The  Internet of Things Explained

It is a network of connected devices to share data or information by communicating with each other through the collection and distribution of data via the internet.

IoT devices are connected with our day to day routine life, without we notifying and identify it as IoT Device. Like Smartwatches, finger ID, Smartphones, Security Cameras, Debit card readers, and more.

How IoT Works

IoT trend in 2020,  Devices are embedded with sensors that can be controllable by software incorporated with it. This kind of sensor often collects data, and emits them to connected devices, by instructing the working status or current state of the connected system. This is how smartphones, climate detectors, smart TVs, traffic lights are working. The collected information will be stored in centralized cloud storage. 

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How blockchain can be used in IoT?

Though blockchain is made for transmitting the bitcoin transactions, its main focus is to share data across a closed network. The most notable benefits of blockchain are, any data on blockchain will be tamper-proof, secure, and authentic too. On the side, the success of IoT depends on securing their processed data and keep it confidential. 

Industry leaders believed that blockchain is the remedy for making the IoT industry and network more robust.  So, sure, the presence of blockchain can overcome many of the issues and risks faced by the IoT industry. 

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