How Much Data Is Produced Every Day 2021?

How much Data is Produced every Day 2021?

by Charlotte Johnson — 5 years ago in Blockchain Technology 4 min. read

Data, we create it every day, but how often do we sit back and think of where it came from? Part of our daily lives, whether we are at home or at work, we are continually creating data, releasing tracks of our presence into the digital sphere.

We are living in what is called the Information Age, an era of information, where we can analyse, review and create data in all areas of our lives.

But just how much data is produced every day in 2021? We take a look at how much data is transferred over the internet daily and what the future looks like for data in the digital world.
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The Expansion of Data

Why is data expanding, you may be wondering? Why the sudden large surge of data being released into the digital atmosphere? With many types of devices creating data, how many of use own not just a computer, but phones and tablets? With each device generating data, whether in the form of images and videos for entertainment, functioning and security purposes, the growth of data can be found not just on servers but also on data centers on the internet.

How Do We Create Data?

With the digital world developing and with the quantity of data growing daily, you can be excused from questioning, how do we create data? How much Data is Produced every Day 2021? 1

Created from the moment we wake up to the second we go to bed, every time we pick up our phone and type into a search engine, data has been created.

With an estimated 3.7 billion humans using the internet and with half of our searches conducted from a mobile phone, there are on average a staggering 5.6 billion searches made every day, and that’s Google alone.  In the year 2022, expected amount of searches will reach several trillion per day according to statistics 2022. The largest search engine, Google processes more than 63,000 searches every second.

In a technology driven climate, our love of social media has steadily grown over recent years. According to reports, on average every minute, 456,000 tweets are posted on Twitter, 46,740 images are posted onto Instagram, while 4,146,600 videos are watched on YouTube. That is a lot of data!

Not just created when searching and uploading on the internet, our growing data trail can be contributed to, through all the emails, texts and messages we make on a daily basis. With a shocking 990,000 Tinder Swipes made every minute, to a staggering 16 million text messages. Every minute also sees 156 million emails being sent, with addition of  103,447,520 spam emails being received in that short time frame.

From music to image, our digital presence is continually growing and with smartphones coming with a camera included, everyone is continuing to add to the digital data pile.

The growing surge of data usage has been down not just to our continued use of technology when on the go, but also to the rise of Embedded Devices.

What is an Embedded Device?

Also referred to as Embedded PC Systems, these are small computer devices that are designed to complete a dedicated function within a large computer system. Whether this takes the form of Cameras, Medical Equipment, Household Appliances, SmartCars or Vending Machines.

Along with processing information, Embedded Systems are able to monitor and assist in both the operation of equipment and machinery.  In order to function and perform all the intended tasks, an Embedded System has to be connected to a motherboard whom it can receive and send data to on a regular basis in order for it to complete its required role.

How much Data is Produced every Day 2021? 2

How Much Data is Created Every Day?

Now that we have taken a look at where data comes from, we can see the full picture and understand the causes behind the explosion of data usage.

How much data is produced every day in 2021? With an incredible 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. A staggering figure, it is expected that the volume of data is to double every two years.

The Future of Data

While the future of data is looking strong and the amount created daily is expected to rise steadily throughout the years to come, the next challenge is learning how to organise data. By generating an efficient and effective storage and analysis solution, the term Big Data will become a thing of the future.
With Big Data solutions expected to rise in recent years and with companies already investing in data analysis, how can you make a change with your storage solutions?

Improve Your Hard Drive Speed

If you have found yourself using a high amount of data on a daily basis and that as an effect it has begun to reduce the amount of free space, and speed of your hard drive, then there is a solution! By investing in an additional Storage Server, you can keep vital data safe and secure, while also at a convenient location for when you need it next.

Developing and increasing every day, our data usage is out of this world! With the amount of data generated and stored around the world increasing yearly, the challenge amongst us individuals, but also large organisations, is discovering how best to store and analyse such data.

With no current danger of running out of available data, how we adjust and use the ever growing quantity of data is something that will become apparent in the next couple of years.

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