Is A Certificate In Supply Chain Worth It?

Is A Certificate In Supply Chain Worth It?

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Blockchain Technology 4 min. read

There are a dizzying array of organizations and certifications from which supply chain professionals can choose, giving them an overwhelming number of options to think about.

Although obtaining a certification can significantly influence the path your career takes, doing so requires a sizable time and financial commitment on your part. Making decisions based on accurate information is not always simple for those who are just starting out in their careers. To help with this decision regarding professional development, we set out to determine which certifications are actually worthwhile to pursue. By enrolling in this Digital Supply Chain Management Course, which was created by Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue, you can improve your professional standing in the competitive field of supply chain management. The unique content that has been selected for this program will help learners understand today’s globally networked economy much better.

Digital supply networks (DSNs) are gaining popularity in the field of supply chain management (SCM). Analytics experts will be in charge of leading efforts to comprehend the data inputs and outputs for DSNs.

Should You Consider a Career in Supply Chain Management?

Some studies’ findings indicate that over the coming ten years, there may be up to a 30% increase in supply chain management job openings. An enormous number of potential job roles will become available to candidates who meet the requirements due to a growth rate that is significantly higher than that of the majority of comparable occupations.

If you work toward an employer-recognized and accepted supply chain management online certification, you can open up a lot of doors for your professional life.
Along with the numerous opportunities for career advancement, choosing supply chain management as a long-term career has additional advantages.

Here are just ten of the many reasons why you might want to give a career in supply chain management some serious thought:

1. Development of The Sector

One of the industries with the fastest rate of growth in logistics and supply chain management, and it is predicted that this rate of growth will continue unabated for an indefinite period of time. Global supply chain operations were significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, which increased the demand for qualified and competent candidates.

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2. Competitive Compensation

The national average pay for a supply chain manager working full-time in the UK is somewhere around 40 Lakh Indian Rupees. On the other hand, senior supply chain and logistics staff earning closer to 75 Lakhs CTC are not out of the question. The majority of supply chain management employees earn more than the national average wage.

3. A field that is Accessible to All

A bachelor’s degree or any other degree of comparable standing is not required to start a career in supply chain and logistics. Although it is required to show proof of an appropriate educational background, experience, and general aptitude are more significant than formal credentials.

4. Prospects for Continued Development and Advancement

There is a big focus on fostering talent within the organization in the logistics and supply chain management fields. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for entry-level recruits who want to advance up the leadership ladder as quickly as possible.

5. Travel Around The World

Many positions in the logistics and supply chain management industries involve frequent or infrequent travel to foreign nations. In order to negotiate business deals with their respective suppliers and to generally improve their corporate relations, businesses frequently send representatives to other nations.

6. Global Employment Prospects

The end result is the same no matter where in the world you decide to study supply chain management and logistics: you will have access to a potentially sizable market of job opportunities everywhere in the world. Numerous important markets have a high demand for skilled supply chain management personnel, creating a vast array of job opportunities that can be investigated both in the United States and abroad.

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7. Chances to Gain Work Experience

More employers than ever before are providing stimulating internship opportunities to potential candidates as a result of the rising demand for qualified and competent supply chain personnel. In order to “get their foot in the door,” internships are especially beneficial for newly qualified candidates seeking entry-level positions. A great way to get your “foot in the door” is through an internship.

8. Skills that Can be Easily Transferred

You must arm yourself with a set of highly desirable skills and competencies that can be used in a wide range of contexts if you want to succeed as a supply chain manager. You might decide to pursue different careers over the course of your professional life, including financial planning, general management, operations management, or even business ownership and management.

9. A Guarantee of Work

Supply chains are destined to get more complicated over time in the environment that globalization has produced. The number of links in any given supply chain and the overall distance that materials and goods must travel to get to their final destinations both directly correlate to an increase in the demand for qualified supply chain personnel.

10. Being Satisfied With One’s Work

In conclusion, a career in supply chain management and logistics can be very fulfilling. This isn’t the least significant point, either. Each and every one of the duties that fall under your purview makes a significant contribution to the accomplishments of the business for which you work. You can see the results of your work every day, and you are conscious of the important contribution your work is making to your company’s success.

Adding a certification in PRINCCE2 to your existing supply chain qualification could be a smart move for your professional development. PRINCE2® certification is an approach to project management that is based on a process. This certification is also known as the “Projects IN Controlled Environments” certification. PRINCE2® certification is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute. It provides a methodical approach to successfully delivering a project by utilizing a variety of distinct templates, procedures, and steps. Both the project itself and the process itself are given equal weight in the certification.

For more information on management certifications, check out online courses on Simplilearn.

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