7 Ways To Make Money From Home While In Lockdown

7 Ways to Make Money from Home while in Lockdown

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

I have several friends that have been furloughed from their jobs or some that are no longer working since Covid-19 came along. I wanted to share some tips to earn a few dollars or swag during this time period for them.

I will not lie and say you will get rich with any of these. I’ve been blogging almost a decade now and the first several years I didn’t make a dime. Making money was not why I started my blog Inspire To Thrive.

It was to help people learn from me as I journeyed into social media and seo while managing a retail medical scrub website back in the day.

Now today, that blog has become a business I run. The business is in it’s 2nd full year. Most of the business is services I provide but there are other ways I’ve generated money from the blog.

These ways of making some money are the things I will share here with you now.

7 Ways to Make Money from Home while in Lockdown

The Blog Itself

A lot of folks begin with Blogger or WordPress.com — they’re the absolutely free versions of a site. However, my idea on that would be to have your very own personal blog. I am aware that it costs a little money for hosting and also a motif to do it correctly.

Consequently, if you’re short on money why don’t you compose on Moderate here? It is not guaranteed but you’ve got the opportunity to generate money writing here.

It wasn’t a great deal of cash but it did pay my $5 monthly subscription I’ve at Moderate.

Why is it that I have the premium edition of Moderate? I will comment more on sites and see more of the tales . It is an investment.

Social Media Postings and More

They cover you according to your own followers and societal media / site stations. You log in and join your social networking channels and await offers.

Like the majority of the internet income streams you need to hook up your Paypal accounts or discuss your Paypal email to receive paid. It is simple!

Another app I like is known as We influential. It is an influencer marketing application, you can buy influencers to your new or be an influencer for the brands.

So far, this is actually my favorite among those apps to make a little additional cash. I was paid $350 to compose a blog article, discuss on social networking and also do one tube video to get a program that I love and use. How simple was that?

You merely need to place some time . It is always time or cash you want to spend to create an income.
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Write and Sell an eBook

This strategy is a bit more but I read out of a blogger I’ve known for many years, called Donna Merrill with a shortcut for this particular strategy! Her strategy is compose one quickly and get it printed shortly. Obviously you require a tool for it. I really like tools and can not wait to test it out myself.

I recently printed my revised eBook but’m offering it for 99 cents due to the pandemic catastrophe. It retails for $7.99 and also have a paperback version for $12.99 that has sold now!

Affiliate Programs for Your Blog and Social Media

Online affiliate marketing is sexy and it is a passive stream of revenue, kind of! That you’re able to make cash once you create a foundation without having to work it.

By way of instance, I’m an affiliate for many programs I use. One of these is Agorapulse. It is a societal networking tool for monitoring, creating reports and societal listening. I really like this instrument. I make money each month from it.

From time to time I upgrade the old blog article regarding Agorapulse as They’re constantly coming out with new items:)

I do the exact same for different tools and program I use along the way in my small business.

Services to Sell

What are you really good at? Would you help other people? Can you to consult? I handle and help other people to utilize social media in addition to content blogging and marketing.

Then I can help with SEO and also have others in my company I delegate that to for a complete search engine optimization program.

Lately, I started to co-host webinars and meetings on Zoom for customers. Always be prepared to be Loaded!
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Stores Online for Online Shoppers

Why not have a shop online? That is the way I began over 15 decades back. It was a shops online site really. The shop was a drop shipping company.

It had been difficult getting orders for items Which Were on backorder:(

Nowadays, things have changed with transport and such but there’s such a industry today for online shopping! You might need to pay a couple bucks to get this one started but they’re apps like Shopify to only it to you.

I’ve a blogging buddy Dana who does a fantastic job with creative jobs and she sells things on the internet. She’s her very own Etsy store directly on her site.

I can not wait to get them. I’ve got 2 other buddies with a jewelry etsy store. As soon as you get going you’ll have to market, promote and encourage!
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What will you do now to make money online?

I would really like to know which of those aforementioned you will attempt to generate a little additional money now with your additional time. Every one of the methods does take some time to develop and time to develop.

You will find no get rich quick methods on the market. However, these 7 are a few ways to devote time to grow a few bucks.

One bonus tip: Should you shop online there’s an program named Lolli that pays you with bitcoin on the way. They’ve over 750 stores today and a few pay up to 7 percent back in bitcoin.

Alan Jackson

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