Top 10 Home Based Small Business Ideas For Woman

Top 10 home based Small Business ideas for Woman

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Women have so many responsibilities that sometimes their career takes a backseat. From parents to house to husband and to children, they have to look after so many people and things, that going to office become difficult for them.

But achieving your dreams and following your passion is crucial, and for that, you only need focus and willpower. If going to the office is not working for you, there are tons of entrepreneurial ideas that can help women start your own business that too from the comfort of your home.

Top 10 home based small business ideas for Woman

1. Blogging

If you love blogging, writing is among the greatest business thoughts from you. It will not need substantial capital expenditure, and you are able to begin working in the comfort of your property. It’s a real and real method of making decent money online.

You are able to begin blogging focusing on just photography or content or you’ll be able to blog about books, food, travel, etc.

It’s not hard to begin a site, you may either create a free account on, or you’ll be able to earn a site using WordPress. In both situations, if you get a domain name, you’ll find a better opportunity to run advertisements and bring in more.

2. Card Making

If you like designing and creativity, card manufacturing is a good alternative for you. It takes very little funds, and you are able to begin this company at your house before turning it into a significant company. Cards are still popular among individuals, and in the event that you’re able to bring a exceptional twist on it, then it will surely sell.

Obviously, like most of business ideas it requires marketing also, so don’t neglect to generate an Instagram account.

Additionally, take support from Canva; it’s a completely free tool with a great deal of templates which can make designing cards simple for you.

3. YouTube Videos

Another fantastic home based job which you may begin is creating YouTube videos. YouTube is totally free, you simply need to create an account and release videos which you’d love to share with different men and women.

The editing and making of this movie will need some cash, but before you start earning from YouTube, you can shoot movies in your telephone and edit them with some free editing program.

It’s possible to earn humor videos or Vlog or share information regarding beauty, skin, homecare, or you are able to share food recipe onto it.
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4. Freelance work

Freelancing is an alternative for women who wish to work out of their property. Freelancing not merely lets them operate out of home, but in addition, it enables them pick their own timings. You will find loads of freelancing work choices like composing, book-keeping, designing, photography, etc. Have a look at the site of Upwork to find any freelancing task of your decision.

  • Freelance writing

Freelance writers have the option to write articles, blog, and so on. You can even write for newspapers and other media companies looking for freelance journalists.

Also, you have the option to work as an ebook writer or become a ghostwriter (no byline) and earn good money. Contena, Blogging pro, journalism jobs are websites for freelancing writing jobs.

  • Book-keeping

Every firm requires a book-keeper, but they sometimes hire temporary people for that job. If you have a knack for this field, you can work as a freelance book-keeper for them.

  • Freelance designer

Love graphic designing? Then start freelancing from your home. You can find genuine work through these sites- 99designs, dribble, and Angle list and so on.

5. Tiffin services

It’s a popular company in India, but I think it’s going to be popular in many nations. Individuals that visit the office and do not have enough time to cook or can’t cook, love home made food since it’s not simple to eat out food daily. In case you’ve got a passion for cooking, then you can begin a tiffin service in your property. It’s possible to cook and deliver food to these individuals and get compensated.

6. Candle –making

The requirement for cosmetic and scented candle one among customer can result in a fantastic business opportunity for girls. It will not need substantial funds, and you may easily begin this venture out of your property.

7. Party-planner

I am not speaking about planning large events that demand a massive group and investment. I am speaking about little parties for child’s birthday or other kids celebration that requires less investment. Most couples residing in society are searching for inexpensive but quality partners to plan a little birthday celebration for the children in their own society.

If you love celebrations and understands what is needed to earn a celebration stunning and energetic, then this firm idea is something that you need to research.
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8. Craft-making

In case your hobbies include producing mats or woolen things or some other cosmetic crafts, then turn this hobby into a business enterprise. It will not cost you considerably, and these days there’s a massive demand for handmade goods.

9. Activity classes and daycare

The amount of girls who wish to operate away from their houses due to a lot of reasons is rising. Make the most of this and find a group of like-minded ladies, then together you are able to begin dancing classes or drawing courses or classes for a variety of tasks in your house only.

Additionally, you may even start a daycare or crèche into your house or at certain office space near. It’ll be a thriving business if you’re able to offer optimum child care as parents are constantly on the watch for a daycare which keeps their kids happy and safe.
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10. Image consulting

Do you love dressing up and you are always complimented for your great taste? Then, this business idea is perfect for you. There are many people who would love to have a personal image or fashion consultant.

It won’t cost you much to start this business and you can start by consulting your neighbors.

It is high time, every woman out there starts working. We can contribute a lot more to society by working and these options will help all housewives to find their footing.

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