Innovate Your Business Through QR Codes

8 Surprising Ways To Innovate Your Business Through QR Codes

by Micah James — 6 months ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

One of the tech innovations that really blew up during the COVID-19 pandemic was business through QR codes or quick response codes. These leveled-up bar codes provide a versatile and contactless way to communicate and store information. For instance, during the height of the pandemic, the codes were used to identify individuals and track their movements to facilitate hassle-free contact tracing. Moreover, these codes became indispensable solutions as QR code payment, since people were wary of handling cash for fear of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

With the pandemic now almost over, QR codes continue to dominate with an estimated 5.16 billion users around the world—almost 64.4% of the global population scanning QR codes for various applications. For businesses, the versatility of QR codes leads to improvement and innovation on different fronts, including marketing, sales, logistics, and other parts of the business operations. What’s more, the technology lends itself well to various industries and sectors.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, are you fully utilizing the potential of QR codes in your business? If you’re not yet doing so, then read on and learn how you can apply this nifty tool to your everyday business transactions.

1. Provide Accurate and Secure Payment Solutions

Even before the pandemic, QR codes were already slowly gaining traction as a cashless payment solution. However, it was during the pandemic and after that that the use of QR codes for payment really took off. In the Philippines, for instance, it led to a national payment QR code initiative, namely the QR Ph program, which standardized the use of QR codes in the country.

To maintain the momentum, fintech companies such as Maya, the leading provider of payment solutions for start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promoted the widespread adoption of its QR code-POS system tandem in the form of Maya QR and the Maya Terminal device. You can display your static Maya QR code as a physical printout that customers can just scan when checking out at your store. Customers paying by scanning the QR standee will have to manually input the amount they need to pay in their Maya app. Alternatively, a dynamic QR code can be generated by the Maya Terminal if you need to input the amount the customer needs to pay. The customer only needs to scan the QR code using the Maya app on their smartphone.

By using these solutions, your business can easily track your sales and minimize the risk of cash losses or inaccurate payments. For customers, it provides a safe and secure way to pay because it’s a form of QR code payment Philippines’ central bank regulates.

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2. Streamline Promotions

Gone are the days of printing and hunting for physical coupons in brochures and magazines. QR codes allow businesses to streamline their promotions effortlessly. Instead of making customers search for special deals, businesses can simply show or send customers QR codes that link to landing pages that detail the mechanics and serve as sign-up forms for exclusive discounts and offers. This simplicity and instant gratification contribute to higher customer engagement and loyalty, all while reducing paper waste.

3. Enhance Marketing Campaigns

QR codes offer a unique bridge between physical and digital marketing efforts. Imagine a customer scanning a QR code on a billboard and instantly landing on your website or a promotional video. This interactive experience enhances your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness by providing instant access to detailed information, fostering a deeper connection with your audience. Moreover, you can use the QR code to direct customers to landing pages or product pages to increase your website’s conversion rate as well.

4. Simplify Returns

Returns can be a headache for both customers and businesses. QR codes can alleviate this pain point by simplifying the return process. Customers can initiate returns quickly just by scanning the QR codes in the packaging. The code could link to a return label or a return request form, streamlining the process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

5. Provide Soft Copies of Product Manuals

How many times have people thrown away a product manual or lost an installation guide only to realize later on that they need it? Rather than giving your customers another pile of papers to misplace, your business can use QR codes to provide customers with soft copies of product manuals. With a simple scan, customers can access an online version of the manual with up-to-date information whenever they need it. This approach reduces paper waste and ensures that your customers always have access to accurate instructions.

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6. Bring Customers to Your App

If your business has its own e-commerce app or something similar, you’ll know that promoting app downloads can be a challenge, especially with the overabundance of other apps launching each day. Fortunately, you can use QR codes to improve your app’s download numbers. Instead of asking customers to search for your app in crowded app stores, provide them with a QR code that instantly leads to the download page. This seamless process eliminates friction and increases the likelihood of app adoption.

7. Schedule Bookings or Events

QR codes simplify the process of scheduling appointments, reservations, and events. Customers can scan a QR code to directly access your booking platform, if you have one, eliminating the need to navigate through websites or make phone calls. Whether it’s a restaurant reservation or a spa appointment, QR codes save both your customers and your staff valuable time.

8. Connect with Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a cornerstone of successful businesses. QR codes can enhance this aspect of your operations by providing customers with direct access to customer service channels. A quick scan can lead customers to a chatbot, a support ticket system, or even a video call with a representative, for example. This immediate connection reduces wait times and shows customers that you prioritize their needs.

Since its invention, QR codes have been an invaluable and versatile tool for businesses and many other applications. These simple black-and-white squares make a mighty impact in streamlining and optimizing business processes and customer interaction. Through creative incorporation and application of these codes, businesses can flourish and increase customer satisfaction. So don’t miss out on the benefits that these little square codes can bring.

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