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Facebook tests a new Page design with a cleaner layout and no more ‘Like’ button

Facebook tests a new Page design with a cleaner layout and no more ‘Like’ button

by Amelia Scott — 2 weeks ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Facebook is testing a new design for Facebook Pages that will, among other things, remove the “Like” count, offer a cleaner and more readable layout, and make it easier for those who operate Pages to actually use and manage them.

These features and others were initially tested with a small percentage of public figures on the mobile app, but are now being expanded to a broader group of Pages.

Currently, the public figures involved in the test include actors, authors, creators and a small handful of media entities, like bands and books.
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If included in the test, the Pages will see an option to opt in to try out the new experience when they’re logged in on mobile.

Facebook says it is currently expanding the evaluation to incorporate a small fraction of English-language business Pages, too.

facebook profile - Facebook tests a new Page design with a cleaner layout and no more ‘Like’ button

The upgraded layout and feature set is supposed to make utilizing Pages less complicated, something the provider knows can be a problem.

Additionally, it acknowledges the necessity to simplify the usage of Pages today, specifically, with all these folks continuing to practice social distancing and choosing to rather connect to their own communities on line.

The new Page design is supposed to make it much easier for visitors to your Page to view key information, such as the Page’s bio and articles.

Especially, the design does away with all the Page Likes and the Just Like button. Instead, the webpage will just exhibit a Follow button and follower count.

This change better reflects the Page’s authentic reach. Lots of individuals have”Liked” different Pages within time, but unfollowed them out of their Information Feed since they outgrew their attention. (Or they unfollowed them since they were just liking the Page as a favor, after being sent a petition, for instance.) The Follows count, meanwhile, suggests how many folks are in fact getting the Page’s upgrade inside their News Feed.

Having both alternatives has resulted in a more complex procedure where users “such as” a Page, which generates an automatic follow. However, the individual can then back from the follow by modifying their preferences at any moment.

Page owners discover this to be confusing and unhelpful because they wish to participate with followers that are in fact interested in the webpage and its contents.
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Additionally, Page owners are going to have the ability to connect with followers by surfing their Information Feed, then immediately switch between their private Facebook profile along with also the public-facing Page (or Pages) they handle when they would like to comment or respond to articles that they encounter.

On the webpage management side, they will be able to clearly delegate and handle admin access permissions according to particular tasks.

This will be dealt with via an upgraded “Edit Access” display, where owners may toggle off and on particular management jobs, like who will produce Page content, send direct messages because the Page, generate advertisements, respond to comments and much more.

The upgrade also intends to make it easier to navigate to this Page Insights segment, and that’s where Page owners and owners monitor analytics linked to this Page’s functionality.

Today, Page owners are going to have the ability to access those insights from the webpage itself or even straight from a post.

Inside the Insights section, they will get access to a few recently added insights, also, including high performing articles and a brand new metric that reveals that the Page’s audience overlap with its associated Instagram account.

They will get fewer alarms in their own Pages, also, as Facebook will group together relevant and associated information, such as mentions and post responses, when sending upgrades.

The evaluation is operating currently from the Facebook mobile app, but it is not restricted only to individuals that are viewing the simplified program layout (pictured here with all the vibrant blue backdrop and boxes)

Facebook is not sharing when the upgrade will roll out broadly as it is considered a check for now.

Amelia Scott

Amelia is a content manager of The Next Tech. She also includes the characteristics of her log in a fun way so readers will know what to expect from her work.

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