Global Hiring Platforms: Connect For Success

Connecting Employers and Candidates Globally: Utilizing Global Hiring Platforms for Success

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Organizations across every industry often struggle to maintain adequate staffing levels, especially amid surging growth. Remote work offers a solution, and workers in other countries expand these options even further. Businesses hoping to capitalize on that opportunity should consider a global hiring platform like G-P.

What Is a Global Hiring Platform?

Global hiring platforms provide the tools employers need to find, hire, and work with employees in other countries. While international employment may seem unique to large corporations, 54% of all companies today have staff in multiple nations. Over 20% operate in 10 or more. Globalization is more accessible than ever, and global employment products are a large reason why.

These platforms’ specific technologies vary, but there are a few consistencies. Typical services include

  • Job aggregators for candidates in other countries
  • Templates or legal assistance for international employment contracts
  • Payroll management
  • Onboarding automation
  • Translation services
  • International tax support

These solutions streamline the historically complex work of finding and managing international talent. That way, companies can acquire and retain talent in other countries without having much overseas experience in-house.

Global growth technology is also becoming increasingly critical in competing as a business. The U.S. has more open positions than unemployed workers, making scaling up with only domestic talent difficult. Emerging economies may also produce more skilled professionals in high-demand tech and AI fields. Pursuing these workers through global hiring solutions lets companies stay at the forefront of technology in a less competitive labor market.

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What to Look for in Global Growth Technology

Given how quickly this field is growing, you can choose from many global hiring platforms today. You should always look for solutions that meet your specific needs, but there are a few key features to look for.

1. Efficiency and Ease of Use

Usability is one of the most important aspects of global growth technology. These solutions are supposed to make a complex undertaking more approachable, so they must be easy to use.

What defines “easy to use” varies by user, but efficiency is a reliable metric to judge it by. How many clicks does it take to move between windows? How much manual data entry or adjustment does the solution require? Are there any automated features? Ask questions like these to see if a solution is efficient enough for a significant ROI.

Onboarding can take up to a year before an employee is fully up to speed, even with domestic hires. Introducing international complexities into the equation can make this time-consuming process even more lengthy and costly without a highly efficient platform. Consequently, the more automated and streamlined an employment solution is, the better.

2. Presence in Key Areas

A global hiring platform should also have a presence in many countries. While operating in every nation is impossible, these solutions should support at least a few dozen.

Which countries a platform supports is more important than the overall volume of supported areas. If your company is expanding to serve customers in China, you’ll need a Chinese presence. If you need to acquire tech talent, choose a platform with a presence in Malaysia, the UAE, or South Korea, which produces more STEM graduates than other nations.

Presence in these areas is more than just letting you hire workers. The best global employment products have thorough cultural and legal understandings of the nations they work in. The more experience a platform has in an area, the more relevant help they’ll offer.

3. Extensive Support

Managing an international workforce is inherently complex. Consequently, global talent platforms should offer substantial support to their clients.

Blogs, reports, and other informative resources about international workforce management are good places to start. However, every company has unique concerns and considerations, so personalized help is also crucial. Around-the-clock live chat features and dedicated support personnel are ideal.

This level of support should also extend to international employees. The platform should allow for seamless onboarding and help connect workers to the right people to get answers to their questions. Just as a system should help employers understand their workers’ environment, it should offer insight into the employer’s country and regulations.

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4. Regulatory Compliance

Global growth technology must have extensive legal expertise and support. Navigating labor laws is one of the most challenging yet crucial aspects of managing a global workforce. Automated compliance and legal guides make it more manageable.

Businesses have lost more than $1.5 billion in 2023 to U.S. penalties for foreign trade violations alone. That doesn’t cover international fees for trade or workforce noncompliance. On top of being costly, these events are likely without help from parties experienced in local regulatory matters.

Global employment solutions should tailor legal advice and support to specific companies’ situations. That includes managing contracts, informing employers of unique compensation requirements, and complying with data privacy regulations. As the intermediary, the platform should handle as many legal considerations as possible with minimal work needed from the client.

Inside a Global Hiring Platform: G-P

One of the most prominent global hiring platforms today is G-P, formerly Globalization Partners. As the growth technology behind Impossible Foods, Yelp, and Zoom, G-P has an established history in the global employment space. Here’s a closer look at the platform, its features, and what sets it apart as an international workforce solution.

Key Features

G-P is a comprehensive suite of global growth technologies covering four main services — employer of record (EOR), HR support, analytics tools, and ongoing customer support. The first is the focus for most global employment operations. An EOR handles most administrative work in other countries — even taking legal liability — but leaves day-to-day operations to your company.

G-P’s EOR services include onboarding and offboarding, generating country-specific contracts, verifying employees’ legal right to work, and benefits customization. The higher-tier G-P Meridian Prime features bulk contact generation and customization, bulk onboarding, and merger and acquisition services.

The HR branch of the G-P platform covers payroll and expense management services. In addition to paying international employees according to their nation’s standards, G-P automatically converts currencies, locks in exchange rates, and automates transaction monitoring.

On the customer service side, G-P offers 24/7 support, including AI chatbots when live agents aren’t available. In-country and regional experts provide firsthand expertise on different countries’ unique considerations. G-P’s analytics tools like expansion insights and automated reports offer additional support.

Other features include transparent pricing, integrations with leading third-party apps like BambooHR and ADP, and secure sign-in options. The platform’s data practices also adhere to the GDPR. Considering GDPR violations have resulted in billions of euros in penalties, that’s a hard advantage to miss.

Global Presence

Apart from these features, one of the first things that sticks out about G-P is its extensive global presence. It supports teams in more than 180 countries, covering almost all the 193 sovereign states recognized by the United Nations. The company also has over 10 years of in-country experience across several nations.

The global hiring platform supports these countries beyond working with their laws and currencies. G-P recognizes that global expansion requires in-depth decision-making, so it provides plenty of informational resources about business in each of its supported areas. Users can access basic versions of these even without being a G-P customer.

G-P’s website’s Globalpedia tab lets you look up a nation and see important employment information about that country. This insight includes public holidays, contract requirements, payroll regulations and expectations, leave requirements, insurance regulations, and other legal and cultural considerations.

Naturally, paying customers can access even deeper insights and help. The global growth technology’s onboarding services balance company goals with local expectations and laws. Users can also analyze their benefits packages against competitors to see how they stack up against regional employers. G-P’s payroll services also support more than 150 currencies.

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Any reliable global hiring platform should also have extensive support. Thankfully, G-P excels in this category, too. G-P’s website shows the company boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rating.

G-P’s support is most evident in its Customer Success Hub. This section of its global employment suite covers several key areas with personalized, country-and-company-specific help. Each customer gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager — an employee who familiarizes themself with your unique case to offer tailored advice and find relevant solutions to emerging issues.

The Success Manager also schedules quarterly meetings to review relevant KPIs, including payroll metrics and global team status. If users have questions when this manager isn’t available, they can turn to GIA, G-P’s AI-powered chatbot. While some people may still be unsure about bots’ efficacy, studies show chatbots outperform humans, even when answering questions requiring creative thinking. GIA is also available around the clock.

G-P has several add-ons to its base service that offer more support. These include:

  • Hiring help from recruitment specialists
  • Background checks
  • Legal teams to manage contract enforcement
  • Visa management
  • Equity-based payroll management
  • Merger and acquisition talent retention services

Use Cases

Given these features and benefits, G-P can be an ideal solution for several globalization use cases. The most obvious of these is entering additional markets. Despite economic uncertainty, 72% of organizations today are planning to expand to new regions. Most of these moves include international shifts, introducing cultural and legal complexities that G-P can help with.

G-P’s extensive list of resources and personalized insights make it easier to identify and account for unique workforce considerations in the nation you’re expanding to. As an EOR, G-P also takes on much of the liability if there’s a legal issue in the new country. Having local HR experts in-country makes a considerable difference in getting these workforces up to speed.

Hiring global talent to overcome domestic workforce shortages is another key use case for G-P. These situations still require legal and cultural understanding but not as much dedication and research as a larger expansion. G-P Meridian Contractor — a contractor-focused alternative to its more extensive suite — is the ideal option. This version emphasizes speed, contract management, and self-service for contractors.

Another more focused tier — G-P Meridian Recruit — is ideal for organizations emphasizing international hires to acquire top talent. This use case is particularly relevant for IT hiring initiatives or similarly competitive sectors. Meridian Recruit provides a suite of technologies to post jobs, attract top talent, and onboard these employees quickly in multiple countries.

Customers and Case Studies

One of the best ways to gauge any global hiring platform is to look at its customer stories and case studies. These insights reveal how the solution can serve organizations in your industry, size, or situation, leading to more informed decisions.

Cybersecurity giant SonicWall is one of G-P’s most recognizable customers. The company came to G-P after divesting from Dell. At this point, SonicWall had already been operating for 25 years, leaving it with the challenge of continuing operations in multiple countries amid a significant management change. Turning to G-P as an EOR offered a solution.

G-P managed all the legal and cultural workforce issues during the company transformation. Minimizing error and time consumption in these areas let SonicWall retain its global workforce and exceed ambitious hiring goals after the divestiture. The business also began expanding into new markets like Eastern Europe.

AI company Dataiku is another prominent beneficiary of this global hiring platform. The company came to G-P when the ideal candidate to fill a new position lived in Canada, where they had no prior operations. Using G-P to offload tax and regulatory workflows lets it hire leading talent, regardless of where they were, to fuel global growth.

Expand Your Team With a Global Hiring Platform

These benefits, features, and customer stories affirm G-P’s place as a leading global growth technology. Businesses that want to expand into new markets, mitigate worker shortages, or acquire top talent should consider a global hiring platform. G-P, in particular, stands out as a promising solution.

The world is becoming a smaller place. Business occurs across state and national borders more frequently than ever, and this globalization will only increase with rising digitization. Capitalizing on that shift now with global employment products like G-P will help organizations make the most of that shift.

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