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Google Plus is officially gone after its mobile apps are rebranded as Google Currents

Google Plus is officially gone after its mobile apps are rebranded as Google Currents

Richard Gall
by Richard Gall — 4 weeks ago in Business Ideas < 1 min. read

Google Plus, the company’s failed social network, is officially gone as of today. After Google Plus personal accounts were shut down last year, Google declares that it would be replacing the social network for enterprise users with Google Currents.

Currents is generally available starting today, and the Google Plus Android and iOS apps have been rebranded to Google Currents to reflect the change (via 9to5Google).

Currents, given its enterprise focus, is designed to help people within organizations communicate with each other.

Users can post and comment on discussions and can see content in a News Feed-like “home stream,” which can be ranked by relevance or chronologically, according to Google. G Suite admins can also moderate discussions if needed.
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If you want to get a thought of what the refreshed mobile apps look like, check out these screenshots from the Google Play Store:

In 2018, Google started a multiphase process to shut down Google Plus, in part because it had”low use and involvement .”

However, the firm also recognized security vulnerabilities that factored into its decision to shut down it (one of that hastened the shutdown programs by four weeks ).

Google began to shut down and then delete consumer balances on Google Plus in April 2019, and it established Currents in beta soon after.
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This really is not the very first Google product called Currents; the firm offered a magazine program under that title until 2013. That year, Google rebranded that program as Google Play Newsstand, that was finally replaced by Google News.

Richard Gall

Richard is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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