How To Set Up A Compliance Framework In A New Business

How to Set Up A Compliance Framework in A new Business

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Several different benefits come with using a compliance framework within an organization, especially in a new business.

A compliance framework is an organization’s system for creating, reviewing, distributing, and tracking the policies and procedures that are needed to adhere to any laws, rules, and regulations that have been set out.

A compliance framework is particularly important for a new business as they provide established procedures for a prompt and efficient response to any problems that may occur. If you are looking to implement a compliance framework into your new business, here is what you need to do.
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Set Out Your Policies And Procedures

The first thing that you need to do for setting up a compliance framework for your new business is to set out what your policies and procedures are going to be.

By doing this you will create a baseline for what your organization and employees should comply with.

When setting out policies and procedures it is a good idea to include them in your employee handbook, that way you will have a record of what your policies are and ensure that all of your employees are aware of them. It might also benefit you to make use of a compliance solution to make this easier.

Establish A Plan

Once you have set out your business’ policies and procedures, you will need to make sure that they are all in line with current government regulations.

After you have checked all of your policies and procedures with your compliance framework you must establish a plan. This could include who is going to implement the policies and procedures, whether training is required or not, and how your new business plans on following these policies and procedures.
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Communicate Your Plan

The next step that you should follow when implementing a compliance framework in your new business is to communicate your plan to all of those involved in your business.

If you want your compliance framework to be successful, then you must communicate your plan, including its policies and procedures to your employees. You need to make sure that all of your employees understand the importance of the compliance framework and all that is involved in it, right from the beginning.

This will prevent any confusion and will prevent any problems from occurring, which is something you want to avoid as a new business.

Establish Compliance Training

While establishing your compliance framework plan you would have determined whether your policies or procedures require training or not; but in most cases, they do require training. Compliance training can be carried out through either workshops and seminars or online training programs.

During this stage you should talk through each of the specific elements and sections of your policies and give your employees scenarios and on-the-job applications for how this applies to real-world situations, ensuring they are learning as much as they can.
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Monitor And Review

Now that you have implanted your compliance framework and provided compliance training for your employees, you must carry out ongoing monitoring and reviews.

By doing this not only will you ensure that your compliance framework has been implemented successfully, but it will also allow you to see if your employees are complying with the policies and procedures that you have set out.

By monitoring and reviewing your compliance framework regularly it will also ensure that your policies and procedures stay relevant and will allow you to make changes if needed.

Now that you are aware of the steps that are involved in setting up a compliance framework, you will be able to introduce a framework into your new business easily and efficiently.

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