Starting A Business: My Imagination Vs. The Reality

Starting a Business: My Imagination vs. The Reality

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

There are over 28 million small businesses in the USA, which makes a whopping 99.7 percent of U.S. companies, according to the Small Business Administration. When you consider a few of the most well-known reasons to begin a company, such as using a exceptional business idea, designing a profession which has the flexibility to grow with you, working toward financial freedom, and investing on your own — it is no surprise that small businesses are anywhere.

You may take a revolutionary small business idea, but it does not mean that you’re cut out to become an entrepreneur.

To no one’s surprise, even beginning a business can be complicated. Someone can have an incredibly innovative, educational business thought, but it does not automatically mean that individual is cut out to be an entrepreneur.
After starting three companies, and reflecting on my own and professional travel, I have come to understand that although no two company owners’ paths are indistinguishable, there are a few universal experiences which could help shed some light about the entrepreneurial experience. Here are a few of what I have discovered along the way regarding my expectations. realty.

You can’t be scared of change

From the romanticized version of my career course, I would have known early on I needed to open my own small business. I’d gleefully found my very first lemonade stand as a youngster, reluctantly won pupil council leadership elections during my teenage years, also studied business and economics in school having an insatiable fervor. But in real life, I did not develop entrepreneurial ambitions. I studied journalism and politics in school, majoring in political science.

After leaving college, I came to the understanding I wasn’t about the career path I was seeking, so with the purpose of locating one function that would sustain me professionally and financially, I moved into legislation. As my law career progressed, I started realizing that I actually liked working with businesses and solving for company problems.

There was something about being present in the bargaining table, working together with different executives, and also making a difference in a organization’s trajectory, I discovered a passion for. Being privy to such educational business discussions and product growth was amazingly fascinating, and it sparked my own interests even farther.

Experiencing company law firsthand is exactly what led me to begin both of my companies, Nimbus Legal and Auxana, in addition to a partnership, Deal Moxie (coming shortly ) after discovering specific gaps inside the legal sector in which my company ideas could make a difference. Looking back, there wasn’t any good career trajectory and a good deal of forks in the road where I might have made different conclusions. Interests change and fires evolve, and I’d suggest to any entrepreneur to not say never.

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Don’t get hung up on prior expectations

As soon as I started my very first company, I felt fairly confident I was bringing a concept to advertise that was seriously needed in my own industry. My driveway originated from feeling the pain of working for a law firm, also experiencing problems around misaligned incentives like the billable hour, and also subpar service to our clientele. I didn’t have to”guess” at what was required in the market since I felt that the pains firsthand. Since my firm dealt with particular, known problems within my business, my company grew and steadily, much to every entrepreneur’s dream.

That having been said, my company grew quickly. Quicker than I anticipated, and quicker than I was ready for. It was surprising and humbling to see peoples’ reactions to my thought, and the degree of”active” that took over my entire life was more than I had prepared myself for. If you had asked me years ago if I’d be where I reside, I would not have thought it. I am the kind of entrepreneur that has a perfectionist chip on their shoulder, and now I am typically going at 100 mph. While that is natural and enjoyable for me, I have also come to the understanding that oftentimes, I want to course-correct or perhaps forego a notion completely in order to become prosperous.

Being too much of a perfectionist may permit you to have”stuck,” in this, you are not pulling the trigger and moving ahead since the thought you’ve got in your mind is different than the truth. I have discovered that putting something out there that is not”100% perfect” is better than getting wrapped up to the itty-bitty specifics and, consequently, putting nothing.

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Learn when to move forward, and when to say when

Obviously working at a quick rate has made it hard for me to turn off, however it is also a vital lesson for any entrepreneur to understand. When the thoughts are flowing and invention feels like second nature, it is easier said than done. As an instance, I pushed myself to function and start my 2nd company through my third trimester of pregnancy. By working at the speed, I expected we can get sufficient momentum to start. Looking back, I decided, I assessed each the options, along with the pros outweigh the cons.

My situation is comparable to a lot of startup founders, that are now executives in existing businesses. They have the thought, but there is that pesky employment problem. Determining how long is it possible to give to the new venture when you are already fulltime someplace else — It may feel overwhelming and isolating. There are several expectations to handle, including your own. Making the choice to go”all in” is frightening and stressful.

Having my next baby this season has been really wonderful, and also a reminder that it’s more than okay to look after myself and be current with my family; instead that it’s by far the most crucial thing and essentially leads to greater success in most aspects. That which is an experiment, and it is okay to fail. In reality, I encourage it! Fail frequently, and fail sooner rather than later. It is okay to make mistakes along the way so long as you are learning from these.

What I am saying is, even if you have the drive and the trend towards invention, then you are on the entrepreneurial career path. Whether you keep on that route is left up for you, but do not let fear of the unknown or perfectionist inclinations block you from moving ahead. Just like they say, it is the hard that makes it great. When it was easy, everybody would do it.

Amelia Scott

Amelia is a content manager of The Next Tech. She also includes the characteristics of her log in a fun way so readers will know what to expect from her work.

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