Marketing Ideas For Father's Day

Top Marketing ideas for father’s day

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

According to the NRF’s survey, 58% are likely to celebrate Father’s Day virtually this year. This is a great opportunity for the ecommerce businesses to market their products as consumers are currently changing and adapting their ways of shopping and gift-giving.

The use of internet has provided shoppers to buy and send gifts for Father’s Day much easier. An opportunity for ecommerce business has risen to promote their products more than ever due to current events.

Marketing your business as much as possible during the Father’s Day will help you to increase sales as you will engage a larger number of consumers.

Top Marketing ideas for father’s day

Stand out

Making your homepage stand out is important because it will attract consumers as we shop, with our eyes.

This is important to make sure that the homepage is visually appealing. Using a specific colour scheme, offering exclusive discounts, including a special Father’s Day section, product recommendations, gift wrapping and something for the last-minute consumers will help achieve this.

A colour scheme for your website is a great way to help customers associate your website with Father’s Day so using blue or green colours and tones. Making your website as easy as possible to navigate will increase your sales.

Customers have fewer barriers between them and the checkout area so making specific Father’s Day page is important. These ideas will make consumer experience much more positive. Using clear and bold messages is a great way to communicate with your customer to send them straight to the checkout.

Using exit intent popup will help to direct shoppers to a specific page for Father’s Day recommended products a few weeks beforehand. Intent exit popups can be used here if your customer is leaving the website without buying anything.

Designing personalized offers for these popups convinces your customers to finish off their transaction. This will turn potential sales into actual sales, maximising profit and decreasing cart abandonment.
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By advertising on different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will allow you to deliver those exclusive discounts straight to your consumers rather than them searching for it.

Also, using social media to engage your customer by running contests is a great way to promote your brand.

This will allow you to collect data on your customers’ identity so you could target your campaigns more effectively. By engaging customers through the contests will depict your loyal customers who can be targeted with special offers.

An alternative to the contest is to do a giveaway to show your customers some appreciation. Google search ads are a great way to reach out to your customers as you could use keywords such as ‘Father’s Day Gifts’ so when a customer clicks on it, they are taken to a specific page.

Google has shopping ads so when a customer types in for example ‘Father’s Day gift ideas’ your website comes up. This generates higher open rates and conversion rates which is much cheaper than search ads in terms of cost per click.

Advertising on Google displays is another great way to grab consumers’ attention. This is another easy way of generating sales during Father’s Day promotion period because these ads are seen by consumers while they browse or watch YouTube.

All of these ways of advertising can track how well your campaigns are going in terms of open rates, click rates and sales so, it is a good indication of whether you need to change anything.
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Personalized email campaigns

Sending emails to your existing customers to remind them about Father’s Day is an effective way of increasing sales during one of the biggest celebrations. These emails can include discount codes for the upcoming events, gift ideas and valuable information about shipping and deadlines.

Creating a countdown or a deadline is an effective way to bring urgency to your promotion for Father’s Day which will increase sales and the size of the carts. Also, by creating big and bold emails will definitely catch your customer’s eye and increase the open rate which simultaneously would lead to more sales.

By providing customers with gift ideas will increase the open rate as well because it increases customer engagement. Personalized emails are usually much more likely to be opened and have higher transaction rates.

This is because the more relevant the information is to the customers, the more valuable the it is to the customers so, creating offers that carry value are important in creating a sense of value for those who are getting your campaigns.

Socital is a company that specialises in this email tailoring software along with exit-intent popups which can be utilised to reduce that abandonment percentage, you can check

Marketing for Father’s Day is important for your eCommerce business. As this holiday grows more and more each year customers are changing their ways of shopping, many do it online.

This is a great opportunity for any business to ensure they are promoting their brand. So, reaching out and engaging with your customers through ads, social media and emails will help you increase your conversion rates and sales.

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