Twitter And Facebook Locked The Trump Campaign Out Of Its Account

Twitter and Facebook locked the Trump Campaign out of its account for sharing COVID-19 misinformation

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

Twitter took action against the official Trump campaign Twitter account Wednesday, freezing @TeamTrump’s ability to tweet until it removed a video in which the president made misleading claims about the coronavirus.

In the video clip, taken from a Wednesday morning Fox News interview, President Trump makes the unfounded assertion that children are “almost immune” from COVID-19.

“If you look at kids, kids are nearly — and I’d almost say certainly — but nearly immune from the disease,” Trump said. “They do not have an issue. They simply don’t have an issue.”

While Trump’s most important accounts @realDonaldTrump connected out to the @TeamTrump tweet in breach, it didn’t directly talk about it.

Regardless of some confused reports that Trump’s account is secured, now his accounts hadn’t been subject to the identical enforcement actions since the Trump campaign accounts, which seems to have recovered its capacity to converse about 6PM PT.
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“The @TeamTrump Tweet you referenced is in breach of their Twitter Rules COVID-19 misinformation,” Twitter spokesperson Aly Pavela said in a statement supplied to TechCrunch. “The account owner will be asked to eliminate the Tweet until they could Tweet again”

Facebook took down a video President Trump posted to his account Wednesday, citing its rules against false claims about the coronavirus.

The decision to remove the video signals a new direction for Facebook, which has been taking incremental steps recently to distance itself from the perception that the company deliberately turns a blind eye to the president’s potentially harmful behavior.

The president’s false claims were made in support of his view that colleges must reopen their classrooms in the autumn. Back in June, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos made comparable unscientific claims, asserting that kids are”stoppers of this disorder .”
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In fact, the association between kids and the virus isn’t yet well known. While young kids seem less likely to acute cases of COVID-19, the point to which they contract and also spread the virus is not yet understood.

In a new report analyzing transmission speeds in a Georgia youth camp, the CDC discovered that”kids of all ages are prone to SARS-CoV-2 disease and, in contrast to early reports, may play a significant role in transmission.”

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