12 Must Have Features For Your Website

12 Must Have Features for Your Website

by Riya Sander — 4 years ago in Development 4 min. read

In the modern digital era, having a website is essential for any individual or group planning to create and promote their brand and services to the world.

With the creation of a website, however, come specific challenges along the way.

To compete in this modern and extremely competitive digital era filled with websites from all categories, you need to implement certain things and features to your website to make it stand out.

This can be something unique, something different enough to get you noticed, define your ideas and brand goal to make the process easier.

So, you may be asking, what are the best features you can implement on your website to help you achieve your desired goals?

Here are the 12 must-have features for making your website shine bright in the ocean of competition.

  1. Pick the right URL

Picking the name of a company or service can be a challenge, but even more challenging is the way you want people to find you.

Ensuring that you have an easy to remember URL can go a long way into helping your website be more accessible and engraved in the minds of potential customers.

The URL is usually correlated with the name of the company, but there are exceptions where it might be a better idea to implement something else to it to make it easier to follow.

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  1. Plan the sitemap

Before developing a website, you need to configure the way you want the information to be shown on the site.

More specifically, the way the information on the website is structured.

You need to select which information you want to be shown first on the website, and what information you want to be left for the visitors to find on their own.

For example, if you’re promoting a particular product, you’d want it to be on the top of the center of the page, while contact information, FAQs, or about us pages are left at the bottom for people that want to ask something more specific through e-mail.

  1. FAQs 

When selling a product or service online, you’re bound to attract customers who don’t quite understand what you’re trying to sell them ultimately.

These customers will usually bombard you with questions about the things they don’t understand, because naturally, we’re not all born experts, and some people may be skeptical about what they’re purchasing.

Having a FAQ page is an effective way to help the bulk of people by having the most commonly asked questions already answered for them.

This both makes your life easier because you need to respond to fewer e-mails-mails, and it resolves their issues faster, ensuring a better experience for both parties involved.

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  1. Security

Making your website secure is exceptionally essential when trying to gain the trust of potential customers.

People feel way more comfortable knowing that the information they share online, especially when that information involves credit card information, is kept secure and encrypted.

This is done using a Comodo SSL Certificate, which is one of the best SSL certificates in security industry.

The Comodo SSL Certificate encrypts all the data that passes from the browser to the server and back, ensuring maximum protection.

  1. Navigation Bar

Having a navigation bar can help the users of the website navigate through your site easier.

This ensures that they can find the content they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

  1. Hosting

Getting proper hosting is essential, as it can have a significant impact on your website.

The hosting of your website determines the website loading speed, responsiveness, and overall ranking.

Having a slow or faulty host can discourage visitors from your website and cause issues in the long term, so pay careful attention to what host you are going to choose.

  1. Post-up-to-date content 

Always keep the content of your website up to date by following the latest trends.

Implementing photos and videos can also go a long way towards attracting a new audience as well as SEO.

Staying up to date with relevant topics and content can help attract new visitors and increase overall traffic on your website.

  1. Make the website adaptable

Having a responsive website makes it easier for the website to be adequately shown on mobile and tablet devices, not just PCs, and since most visitors today come from mobile devices, this is a must-have.

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  1. Add an about us section and easily accessible contact information

Having contact information is essential.

This includes things like your phone number, location, and mail address.

Implementing an about us website with all this information easily accessible is a must-have for any website that wants to gain the trust of its visitors.

  1. Take advantage of social media

You can use different social media channels for advertising and promoting your service or product. You can quickly implement different share buttons on your website to make the entire process easier for visitors.

  1. Fast loading speed

The attention span of visitors grows shorter and shorter with each passing year, so having a website that loads quickly retains the attention of visitors and makes the browsing experience more enjoyable.

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  1. Implement User reviews

People don’t always trust brands, especially not on the internet, where anyone can write anything about their product.

They want real hard evidence that the product you’re advertising comes as promised.

This can be achieved by implementing user reviews.

Users can post about their experience with the product, even a post that includes images and videos showcasing it in action.

Building an effective and competitive website takes time and effort.

It is a process that requires a lot of trial and error, a certain amount of money, and a lot of practice.

In the end, with persistence, courage, and passion towards doing what you love, you will find your audience in your specific niche, and they will see the vision you have shared with them.

Riya Sander

Riya Sander is a Digital Strategist and a social media geek. She is passionate about content marketing and strongly believes in the power of storytelling for marketing. A perfect day for her consists of reading her favorite author with a hot cuppa coffee.

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