5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Teams Voice For Your Internal Phone System

5 Reasons To Use Microsoft Teams Voice for Your Internal Phone System

by Errin O’Connor — 3 years ago in Development 4 min. read

Communication is essential for the success of any company. It is the key to better team collaboration to enhance the growth and development of your business. With that, you must have the best technology to improve communication within your organization. Among the latest communication technologies, today is Microsoft Teams Voice. Is this right for your business? Read more.

What are the advantages of using Microsoft teams?

Microsoft phone system comes with many advantages for your communication needs. These include the following.

  1. It is not just limited to chat 

You should use Microsoft Teams Voice for your internal phone system because it is not just limited to chat. You can use the chat window to make conversations with your team members. If you want to share your file, you may attach it in the chat. It is very easy to call, or video call your team if you’re going to explain the file from the window. Additionally, you can also set a meeting without leaving any chat.

  1. Unify your communications

With Microsoft Team Voiceyou can unify your communications. It allows you to manage your email, instant messaging, phones, your server architecture, productivity app, cloud services, and more. Microsoft Teams is designed to work together with a high level of compatibility.

  1. Get access around the world

Good thing Microsoft Teams can be an excellent phone system for your business since it’s a cloud-based infrastructure and helps increase team collaboration by using technology. So, you can have access anywhere in the world. By just having an internet connection, you can easily access your phone system.

  1. Efficient calling plans

You can also have efficient calling plans with Microsoft Teams phone system. You’re free to set up specific departments and lines to get access to various phone connectivity ranges. Some departments may be internal-only, while some can access the PSTN for domestic calls but not international calls.

It can also be an excellent security feature. With this, you can reduce access to scamming and phishing lines. On the other hand, your team can contact individuals all around the world. They can call international numbers without restriction.

  1. Affordable pricing 

The calling system with Microsoft Teams is for you if you want a more affordable phone system. It is a practical way to enhance communication in your business. With it, you need to pay for the system that you set up. You can choose the pricing plans that perfectly suit your specific needs. You can make international and domestic calls without spending much of your money.

Can Microsoft teams be used as a phone system?

Are you curious whether Microsoft Teams can be used as a phone system? Well, the answer is yes. Microsoft Teams can also be used as a voice over ip wireless phone. You’re free to chat, call, meet and collaborate in just one app with Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams, you can make as well as receive PSTN phone calls. Even more important, you can offer your team members virtual calling features which come with reliability and security.

With the Microsoft phone system, you can manage cloud phone calls quickly. You have the control with reverse number lookup, do not disturb, delegation, and voicemail features. It can also enhance team productivity. Thus, you can make a call with video and screen sharing. You can get high-quality calls and video collaborations with phones and other devices anywhere.

What is Microsoft Teams, and why should you use it?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform with online meetings, document sharing, and other functional features to improve communication in your business.
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Why should you use it?

Microsoft Teams can be a powerful communication tool for the success of your business. The following are the reasons why you should use it.

  • Online meetings

You should integrate Microsoft Teams with your business because it can improve communications and training and offers you with online meetings feature that can host about 10,000 users. The meeting may include any person inside or outside the business. It also comes with an in-meeting chat messaging, file uploading, and note-taking app.

  • Audio conferencing

Microsoft Teams also comes with an audio conferencing feature. With it, team members can join online meetings using a phone. Meanwhile, you must take note that this feature can be accessed with additional licensing.

  • Chat option

You can make private and public conversations with your team with its chat option. It can also be integrated to Skype video, which has more social features like memes and emojis.

  • User-friendly

The platform is user-friendly and easy to use. It can assist a work environment for remote users and a huge business. Microsoft Teams can be beneficial for productions, projects, and other elements of a business.

  • Document storage with SharePoint

It also provides a default document library folder with SharePoint Online. The files will be saved automatically to this folder. You can also customize security and permission options for sensitive information.

How do Microsoft teams use phone audio?

Microsoft Teams allow you to make calls quickly and get clear audio. The platform has “Call me” features that allow users to join phone audio of a meeting. You can also access the Audio Conferencing of Microsoft Teams with the following steps.

  1. First thing to do is to check if Audio Conferencing is available in your area.
  2. Get and set licenses
  3. You can get service numbers for the conferencing bridges
  4. You can now assign a service number for the conferencing bridge
  5. Set alternate languages and default for conferencing bridge
  6. You can now set the settings of the conferencing bridges
  7. Assign dial-in numbers for the users who lead meetings
  8. Set up the meeting invitations
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To sum it up, Microsoft Teams can be an efficient tool for your internal phone system. With that, you can improve communications which may lead to a more successful and profitable business.

It can provide you with lots of benefits, including online meetings, audio conferencing as well as other features to enhance team collaboration. With the help of this post, we hope that you have an idea whether Microsoft Teams can be a good internal phone system for your business or not.

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