5 Uses Of Brokerage Management Software For Real Estate Agencies

5 Uses of Brokerage Management Software for Real Estate Agencies

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Agencies in the real estate industry rely on a range of technologies to optimize their day-to-day operations, and brokerage management software is one of the most powerful tools available to them at the moment.

To understand what makes this type of solution so potent, let’s go over some examples of how brokerage management software is put to work to transform and streamline key processes within real estate businesses.

Catalyzing & Simplifying Transactions

With the right real estate brokerage management software, every aspect of each transaction you undertake can be made less stressful for agents, and also far swifter and slicker for all parties involved.

Real estate transactions are invariably complex and require lots of moving parts to be kept under the watchful eye of an agent or broker.

Modern solutions can unify and automate various parts of every transaction you are overseeing so that it is easy for agents to get bespoke access to whatever documents they need, and also to ensure that deadlines are hit and buyers and sellers are kept in the loop throughout.

Then, once transactions have been completed, you can benefit from comprehensive reporting provided by the software, letting you scour the data generated to find issues and improve processes without relying on guesswork.

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Enabling Agent Mobility

Cutting-edge software for real estate agencies is not just limited to desktop workstations, but also accommodates the mobile nature of this industry by letting users sign in and harness important data and features while they are out and about.

Whether conducting house viewings or overseeing client meetings, agents will not be limited by stodgy old solutions, but can instead remain agile and mobile without compromising on their ability to leverage brokerage software.

This isn’t just about making life easier for agents from moment to moment, but also about attracting and retaining top talent in this sphere. If team members are frustrated, they will look to move on to greener pastures. If they are well supported and given the tools they need to thrive, then they will stick around for the long haul.

Providing Project Management Features

As the name suggests, brokerage management software is a tool with managerial functions that help to orchestrate all aspects of a realty firm.

Project management is part and parcel of this, providing reminders and updates to colleagues and clients alike when certain milestones are reached, and getting everyone’s responsibilities in order, so that there is no confusion, conflict, or doubling down on specific workloads and tasks.

As you’d expect, the top packages in this space don’t operate in a vacuum, but instead, take into account the other software solutions which agencies already use. Being able to integrate this software with a separate CRM, for example, is clearly convenient, and widely achievable in this marketplace.

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Generating Leads and Converting Prospects

Lead generation is valuable in every industry but can be especially significant in a real estate agency context. Connecting with the right clients today not only means potentially making a sale but also winning over customers for life.

Brokerage management software may offer the ability to factor in lead generation, whether through specific native functions or through integrations with third-party platforms, as discussed above.

Of course, the administrative aspect of managing leads and pushing prospects towards the point of conversion is also part of this process.

Handling Commission Calculations & Other Accounting Admin

In addition to taking on the task of streamlining transactions at every stage, brokerage management software has other finance-related advantages to offer, including calculating commission payments earned by agents, and delivering all sorts of other accounting abilities to boot.

This is useful for keeping employees happy, and also for comparing the performance of different sales agents and keeping tabs on how teams are faring from week to week and month to month.

Overall it’s about empowering business leaders in the real estate space to make better use of the information that’s at their fingertips and to offload a lot of the more time-consuming and tedious tasks of running an agency to software instead.

If you haven’t yet put a platform like this to work in your own agency, or you are dissatisfied with how your current package performs, now is the time to research the solutions out there and prioritize adoption.

Alex Noah

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