Apple Negotiated To Buy Intel's Chip Business

Apple Negotiated to Buy Intel’s Chip Business

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Development < 1 min. read

iPhone maker wants its own 5G modems.

Intel’s time at the mobile 5G business might be operating out but it may be a boost for Apple.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone maker is considering buying Intel’s smartphone modem business for more than $1 billion, with the deal wrapped up as soon as next week.

After Apple announced back in April, it would purchase 5G modems because of its apparatus from the American technology giant Qualcomm, Intel proclaimed it’d be gearing its own cards and falling from the 5G match altogether.

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At the moment, the organization’s CEO Bob Swan stated that without Apple as a client, it only”did not observe a route ” to the company.

Therefore it decided to locate a purchaser for your unprofitable branch and we know that Apple would be the one to purchase it out.

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For Your Verge, the bargain”leaves Plenty of feel” for Apple.

“Ahead of Apple and Qualcomm settling, Intel became the only third-party modem supplier for its 2018 versions of this iPhone. And Apple has been Intel’s sole significant client for modems — almost every other key Android telephone depends on both Qualcomm or in-house options,” it states.

Despite its own bargain with Qualcomm, Apple supposedly was working on creating its modems, in parallel. Together with Intel on board, it might achieve that landmark that much quicker.

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