Apple Unveils IOS 14 And MacOS Big Sur Features For India

Apple unveils iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur features for India, China and other international markets

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Apple will roll out a range of new features and improvements that are aimed at users in India, China and other international markets with its yearly updates to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS operating systems, it unveiled today.

IOS 14, that will be rolling out to programmers now and will reach overall users after this season , introduces new bilingual dictionaries to support German and French; Indonesia and English; both Japanese and Simplified Chinese; and English and Polish.

For the customers in China, among Apple’s biggest overseas markets, the iPhone-maker stated that the new operating system will present service for Wubi keyboard.

For consumers in India, Apple is adding 20 new record fonts and updating 18 present fonts using”more burdens and italics” to provide people greater options.

For all those living in the planet’s second biggest online market, Mail app currently supports email addresses in Greek script.

Apple said it may also provide a variety of additional attributes for India, construction on the major momentum it kickstarted past year.
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Messages currently contain corresponding full-screen consequences when users send greetings such as”Happy Holi” in a few of those 23 Indian regional languages.

More interestingly, iOS 14 will consist of wise downloads, which enables users from India to obtain Indian Siri voices and software upgrades in addition to download and flow Apple TV+ displays over mobile networks — a characteristic which isn’t accessible elsewhere on earth.

The attribute farther addresses the patchy networks which are widespread in India — even though significant improvements in the past few years.

This past year, Apple beamed a characteristic for consumers in India that allowed users in the country to place an optimized period of their afternoon in on-demand streaming programs like Hotstar and Netflix for downloading movies.

New improvements further reveals Apple’s growing focus on India, the world’s second biggest smartphone marketplace. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said earlier this season that the business is going to launching its online shop in the nation after this season, also open its initial physical shop annually.

A source familiar with the issue told TechCrunch last month the international pandemic hadn’t influenced the strategy.

iOS 14 will also allow users in Ireland and Norway to utilize the autocorrection feature as the new update adds support for Irish Gaelic and Norwegian Nynorsk.

And there’s also a redesigned Kana keyboard for Japan, which will enable users there to type numbers with repeated digits more easily on the redesigned Numbers and Symbols plane.

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Apple unveils iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur features for India, China and other international markets 1

Each of the aforementioned attributes except email addresses in Greek script Mail and downloads that are smart for consumers from India — will even ship with iPadOS 14.

Along with the above new bilingual dictionaries, fresh fonts for India, and localized messages are all coming into macOS Big Sur.

Furthermore, Apple says about the desktop operating system it’s also improved predictive input for Japanese and Chinese contributes to more precise and contextual forecasts.

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