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Big Announcements In Google I/O 2019 By Sundar Pichai - The Next Tech

Big Announcements in Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai

Alan Jackson
by Alan Jackson — 11 months ago in Development 6 min. read

Summary:- Latest mobile, Smart display, and more Google Assistant

Google normally jumps between every Google I/O year to concentrate on each hardware or applications information, and this season caused more devices than we obtained from 2018. Now the keynote’s wrapped, we could affirm a few rumors in the last couple of weeks: that the Pixel 3A is real, as is the leaked Nest Hub Max smart screen. There’s also a ton of statements on what is to come from Android Q as it formally comes to customers later this season and a few updates coming shortly to the Google Assistant.

Here are some of the biggest highlights.


The less costly Pixels are official using all the Pixel 3A and 3A XL that, yes, include headset jacks. (Cue furious applause.) The phones start at $399, plus they include all the advanced camera features the Pixel lineup was known for, such as attributes like Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, and portrait style on both rear- and – front-facing shooters.

12 - Big Announcements in  Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai
Image credit: The Verge

What exactly does the reduce cost give up? The pricey Pixel overlooks superior features like wireless and waterproofing charging. And while Google is supplying complimentary Google Photos storage around your cloud, the caliber uploaded in the Pixel 3A devices are going to be restricted to high quality rather than complete resolution.

The newest Pixels will soon be available in three colors — black, white, white, and purple — and they’ll be offered at leading carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint (especially, not AT&T!) , also sold in 13 other nations starting now.


Google announced the Google Home lineup will then be rebranded under the Google Nest umbrella, and it announced a new product on its line: the 229 Nest Hub Max. The unit is basically a blend of the Nest camera, Google Home Hub, along with the Google Home Max, offering a safety camera, smart screen, and loudspeakers all at one gadget.

123 - Big Announcements in  Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai
Image credit: The Verge

The most intriguing thing about the unit is that, unlike the Home Hub, it currently has a camera built. The camera may also perform facial recognition to deliver up customized results involving members of your loved ones, together with the firm noting that processing occurs locally, therefore no facial information is transmitted across the internet. The Nest Hub Max will arrive later this summer.


You may download the most recent Android Q beta now , which currently offers Dark Theme for every single typical Android program. We saw this at the first Android Q beta, but we had been not able to turn it off. The Verge’s executive editor Dieter Bohn had a opportunity to try out this , and he states the colours are a real black, not dark grey, which could have the ability to help further decrease battery power.

After last year’s launch of Digital Wellbeing, Google is adding a new feature named Focus Mode. Rather than the Wind Down style which grays from the display, Focus Mode enables you to pick specific apps which you wish to avoid using through a time period and just disable these. Families are also able to shortly link accounts between kids and parents, so parents may place those program limits to learn what apps their children are spending the most time on.

123 1 - Big Announcements in  Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai
Image credit: The Verge

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In Q, Smart Reply may even start being offered in third party messaging apps — like what Google’d analyzed initially using a standalone Response program . Additionally, it may offer suggested activities, like opening Google Maps as it sees a message regarding commutes or speech.


Google is attracting Live Caption to videos. When you see a movie, whether it’s in your own camera roll, on a program / the internet, or perhaps movie chats, Google will start adding subtitles to what’s being said right under. The business says it has assembled this for men and women that are deaf or hard of hearing, however a few folks could also use this whenever they are watching videos in people and wish to keep the volume low or whether they are on a telephone.

Live Caption can be being added to telephone calls, including a live transcription of this present conversation to assist individuals who might be hard of hearing certainly know what is being said.

dsf - Big Announcements in  Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai
Image credit: The Verge


Beginning with Android Q, Google will start releasing software upgrades right through the Play Store rather than waiting on telephone carriers or manufacturers. Called Project Mainline, Google claims that the new system of upgrades will be provided in”modules” which assist handle certain pieces of a device, for example”media elements” for camera bugs, such as. That should also stop a bug upgrade from messing up other areas of the system that is not intended to touch.


As part of Google’s attempt to attempt and minimize search and location monitoring, Google Maps will shortly gain an Incognito manner for much more personal searches. This will be accessible for both the internet and on the program, and it comes only a week after the firm declared it will enable users to automatically delete their place, net, and program action involving periods of three to 18 weeks.

lcimg 68042bf1 2e61 4992 a24d 493b8cb7ea2b - Big Announcements in  Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai
Image credit: The Verge

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Google Lens is getting some upgrades from this past year, for example having the ability to contextualize a restaurant menu or advice about a sheet of paper. This season, Google states Lens can look for precise dishes on a menu along with surface pictures of dish according to Google Maps advice to show you precisely how it appears before you purchase. You might even point the camera in the reception to bring a calculator which allows you insert a suggestion then divide the invoice or in a sign in a foreign language to listen to a text-to-speech translation reside. Hovering Google Lens more than publications which Google has partnered with may also bring pictures to life, including a recipe on Bon Appétit Magazine.

GCVH1AruPg - Big Announcements in  Google I/O 2019 by Sundar Pichai
Image credit: The Verge

Google says these upgrades will probably be rolling out later this month, along with the Google translation will soon be provided in over”a dozen languages”


Last year’s biggest news from I/O, Google Duplex, came across as a little afterthought this season, dodging concerns regarding the Artificial Intelligence Development that may make human-like calls on your benefit making it not possible to talk at all within a forthcoming version for the internet. In an early presentation, Google states Duplex can now pull on your own information and browse the internet that you reserve other things like auto rentals and tickets. Instead of simply affirming a booking for users, you may scan the auto-filled types to accept exactly what Duplex has composed in before proceeding forward.

All this was packed to a section about how Google Assistant will only get smarter in overall, helping users respond to messages, compose mails (even subject outlines ), add pictures in messages, or receive instructions to personalized outcomes (mother’s house) using only your voice. It will also be available in driving manner shortly (not to be mistaken with Android Vehicle ) to keep on working while it is navigating on Google Maps. You will shortly have the ability to create Google Assistant stop speaking or blaring alerts by simply stating”Stop” rather than the complete”Hey Google” prompt.

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson

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