[Fixed!] Janitor AI Not Working With Picture (2024 Guide)

[Fixed!] Janitor AI Not Working (2024 Guide)

by Alex Noah — 2 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 6 min. read

Hurray! “Janitor ai not working” issue can be fixed with mentioned solutions (with pictures).

For some reason, Janitor AI works slow, as I have noticed by myself.

Mainly, I got slow and cut off responses. First, I thought that maybe Janitor AI down, but that’s not the problem.

In this blog, I will briefly explain why Janitor AI not working along with fixes to solve this problem.

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Why Is Janitor AI Not Working?

Significantly, the reason for Janitor AI not working could be a server issue or network problem. For some reason Janitor AI plugged with server problems or downtime. Wait for resolve server issues by the community. It can take some hours or days, too.

Other reasons that could cause Janitor AI down could be:

🛠️ Maintenance or updates: Like other websites, the Janitor AI website undergoes maintenance or updates. At this moment, the accessibility of the website desist for some time. Might be the community plan to bring some important changes or address any technical issues.

🌐 Browser complications: Janitor AI website support or compatible with Google Chrome version 92 or above and Firefox version 91 or above. If you are trying to access Janitor AI on the browser below specified version, possibly Janitor AI not working could be related to browser complications.

🗄️ Server glitching: Unstable internet connection could lead to high ping or slow transfer of data packets to the server. This is called server glitching and might for these reasons you may experience Janitor AI not working or slow functioning.

Why Is Janitor AI NSFW Not Working?

Janitor AI lets users create NSFW fictional chatbot characters with implying unique personalities. What if you’re facing a problem with the NSFW functionality? It can be frustrating, you know!

Janitor AI NSFW not working can happen when it fails to fetch kobold or some technical details that are interrupted by an unstable internet connection.

Refresh the page you are working on or restart the device if the former doesn’t work. Alternatively, you can change the bot and provide new context with different capabilities to achieve the desired NSFW interactions.

Why Is Janitor AI API Not Working?

Janitor AI API not working can happen by network connectivity issues or problems with the server hosting the website.

Moreover, API integration issues can also cause this problem in running. For example, data incompatibility, technological complexity, and improper api dependencies.

Rightful troubleshooting is important to solve Janitor AI API not working issues, quickly.

Look at the following troubleshooting solutions to fix Janitor AI not working issues.

How To Fix Janitor AI Not Working

In this section, you will learn how to fix Janitor AI not working issues. I believe that the following troubleshooting steps can help you to resolve the issue of the website failing to load.

1. Try Access On A Different Browser

Janitor AI Compatible Browsers
Try Access On A Different Browser

Janitor AI is not working because you are potentially using an older version of your browser. Updating your browser to the latest version or trying different browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox may help you solve this issue.

I personally suggest you to use Google Chrome for accessing Janitor AI as it’s compatible and millions of users are using it.

Most browsers updated automatically like Google Chrome and Safari are updated automatically. However, you can do it manually by checking the browser’s settings or preferences menu.

2. Contact Janitor AI Support On Discord

You can access tech support on Discord to solve Janitor AI not working troubleshooting and solutions. You can do it by visiting the official Janitor AI website. At the bottom of the website, you can find the Discord link there.

Join Discord From Official Janitor AI Website
Join Discord From Official Janitor AI Website

Click on the “tech-support” option and enter your query. You can begin with ‘Janitor AI not working on my browser’ as an example.

They can access the problem from your perspective and provide you with the rightful solutions.

3. Check Windows Firewall Settings

Check Windows Firewall Settings
Check Windows Firewall Settings

Due to Firewalls and Antivirus software, it can be possible that they have blocked the Janitor AI website as potential threats. Open Firewall settings on your computer and unblocked (if being unintentionally blocked).

If you have Antivirus installed on your system, check that too. Ensure nothing blocked Janitor AI to get seamless accessibility.

4. Clear Your Browser Cache

Clear Your Browser Cache
Clear Your Browser Cache

Your browser collects cache information each time you visit the website. This cache retains temporary information and files from the websites you browse. Sometimes, your browser fails to load cache and that can happen to experience Janitor AI not working.

Clearing your browser cache could regain access to Janitor AI. Cache can be cleared from the browser’s setting.

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the settings
  • Search for “cache”
  • Click on “Clear browsing data”
  • Hit “Clear data”

This method actually works and solves the problem with the Janitor AI website not opening correctly.

5. Check The Status On Twitter

The Janitor AI community is very active on Twitter. You can get tech details or event updates by following their Twitter profile.

Moreover, you can get information on Janitor AI down news and public comments for more details. You may find information related to update status, ongoing maintenance or service interruptions.

6. Monitor Website Uptime Online

Monitor Website Uptime Online
Monitor Website Uptime Online

In case nothing helps you in the right manner. You can rely on monitoring website uptime online. Go to Site24x7 that tells you website status monitoring across the globe.

You can select your location and identify whether the Janitor AI website is down or running.

Types Of Errors Janitor AI Shows

Janitor AI shows a number of errors based on the nature of operation. There are three errors that I have potentially witnessed during accessing Janitor AI.

I have disclosed Janitor AI errors in brief.

Error 1: Network error. “Try if you can access this URL later”

Network Error

The first error “Try if you can access this URL later” is shown when the OpenAI reverse proxy URL or Kobold AI API URL cannot be accessed. This happens due to some server issue or improper set up process.

Error 2: undefined is not an object

undefined is not an object

This error is critical in nature and occurs when your bot gets no idea what to execute and remains unresponsive. It is recommended to contact the experiment designer to resolve the issue.

Error 3: Failed to fetch

Failed to fetch

This type of error is genuine and can occur through unstable internet connection, problems with the server hosting the AI, or API-related problems. Solving this error is easy as it requires proper troubleshooting.

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Final Thought

Janitor AI is used to create NSFW Anime character style based AI-chatbot. There are certain instances when Janitor AI is not working and those have been addressed in this blog along with their solutions.

I hope these solutions would help you solve Janitor AI down issue and you again be able to use Janitor AI for your work.

That’s all in this blog… thanks for reading 🙂

Janitor AI Not Working FAQs

Why doesn't Janitor AI work?

Janitor AI not working or being temporarily down due to server issues or ongoing maintenance. Additionally, slowed internet connection may also cause this issue.

Why won't my janitor AI generate responses?

Might be there is a technical issue like false API integration or undefined object that isn't recognized by the bot. Try contacting tech support on Janitor AI’s Discord.

Why Janitor AI failed to fetch kobold?

A wrong API integration can cause this problem. Or, network glitch at the time setting up API in Janitor AI results in showing failed to fetch kobold error.

Will Janitor AI down issue fix automatically?

If a new update rolls out, the website temporarily becomes inaccessible for a time. As soon as updates are completed, Janitor AI down issues will be fixed automatically.

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