Fundamentals Of Next-Gen Linux Patch Management

Fundamentals of Next-Gen Linux Patch Management

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Development 2 min. read

Frequent data breaches and cybersecurity issues have raised an unprecedented demand for the most powerful patch management or vulnerability management tools. With visible gaps in remediating vulnerabilities in today’s actual patching processes, critical vulnerabilities have time-to-time emerged and declared the classic path management system as somewhat outdated.

That’s why it is the right time for organizations to level up their patching systems and look for next-generation patch management tools.

Why do you need an Efficient Patch Management Tool?

Fundamentals of Next-Gen Linux Patch Management
Before we discuss what, we should look for in the modern patch management tools, let’s understand what are the hindrances in current patch management operations.

  1. Delays in patching are the main reason for vulnerability response gaps that give rise to modern patching strategies. In general, patches are delayed for several days or weeks because of a lack of collaboration between the security and IT teams and general fragmented tool stacks. Both the teams operate on different modes and goals and therefore, a certain gap impediment the essential patch deployment process.
  2. The next reason for such data breaches is manual operations that take an enormous amount of time and effort and also incorporate the chances of human error. That’s where modern automatic patching management comes in and manages an end-to-end process without much human intervention.
  3. The third most important reason for the data breaches is the lack of orchestration in patching processes.

Powerful orchestration leads to unprecedented collaborations and automation in the whole process. As a result, there is automated patch deployment and faster automation processes before and after the deployment.

Orchestration is also responsible for several other advantages like effective threat intelligence, asset management, configuration management, etc.
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Modern Patch Management – The Right Solution

All the aforementioned obstacles lead to constant threats to data security, breaches, and huge economic and privacy losses. Hence, there is a need for smart vulnerability remediation systems in the organization’s ecosystem that makes the patching super-efficient and invincible.

Modern patch management tools bring innovative patching techniques that detect or even smartly predict the whole issues and fix them with unparalleled automation.

They also come up with consistent patch and vulnerability remediation policies that reach all teams and divisions and steadily maintain that automated compliance is maintained.

JetPatch is such an end-to-end automated patch management solution that offers powerful solutions for today’s enterprise-grade vulnerability response programs. It comes as a reliable tool for calculating all the important assets, current patching operations, and compliance demands.

JetPatch also serves you with constant navigation of potential vulnerabilities and offers automated responses to the issues and maintains constant compliance. Its advanced patching leads to quick fixtures of the issues and leads to an end-to-end automated workflow for the fastest operations.
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Final Words

Today, organizations need end-to-end automated and orchestrated workflows that can eliminate all the threats and bugs in the system within no time.

Modern patch management software solves this problem by offering continuous compliance, better predictions of issues, and context-rich criticality assessments for vulnerabilities.

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